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This annoying permanent Chromecast notification is the fault of the Facebook app

If you've recently watched a video on Facebook, You may have had a useless Chromecast notification on your screen.

Also, it is a permanent notification, so it cannot be removed by swiping.

You will see that the message “Broadcast device not connected” appears, and the buttons next to the cross to close, but none of them work.

As well, as they tell us from Android Police, It's about a from the Facebook application.

In fact, if you hold down a couple of seconds on the notification, you will be able to verify that it is indeed the of the popular social network.

Apparently it is a what appears in the latest update of the stable version of the ,, of October 24.

Surely it comes as a result of the tests that are being done on Facebook to send the videos to Chromecast or to a television with Android TV.

How to remove the notification

If the notification bothers you and you want it to disappear now, the first option is to force close the From Facebook.

To do this, you must go to the settings of your phone, enter the applications section, look for the Facebook one and force the stop of it.

Thus, the in the background and with it, the notification.

The downside of this method is that when watching another video on Facebook, Chromecast useless notification may reappear.

According to the source, it has worked for some install the latest beta version of the From Facebook, which supposedly does not have this bug.

You can download it from APKMirror, or if you prefer, you can join the Facebook beta program on Google Play, and the update to the latest beta will arrive shortly.

And obviously, you can also choose to install some other third party client, which shouldn't have the bug either.