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This, and no other, is the biggest fail of WhatsApp

Last updated on 05/10/2018 at 20:00

Okay, WhatsApp. From we always invite you to use services such as Telegram. They are much more secure, they work better, and most importantly, everything is stored in the cloud. The latter is vital, so that there is no problem with your messages, in addition to allowing you to have a personal and infinite cloud with all kinds of files within a chat with yourself.

WhatsApp boasts end-to-end encryption, which turns out not to be as secure as we all thought, and which has as a consequence a problem that has been between us for months, and that cannot be solved. Today, we talk about the most frustrating thing about WhatsApp, something that you have experienced on occasion, and that seems to have no solution.

Waiting for message. This can take time “

WhatsApp 2

According to WhatsApp, due to end-to-end encryption, some messages take longer than normal to receive. The recommendation that they make us, is to tell the person who has sent us the phone to connect to WhatsApp, but even if you connect, on many occasions the message is still not received.

Surely, you have encountered this problem and no, has no solution at the moment. In many cases, this message remains in the , and you will never receive it. This is a bug that makes that message stay in “waiting” forever, and we cannot rescue it in any way.

Without a doubt, quite frustrating that an application as important as WhatsApp has errors of this type, and that the solution they propose does not solve anything. As usual, We will continue to wait for WhatsApp to solve this error, which has been with us for so long, causing users to lose certain messages. It is true that this is a very specific error, in very specific cases, but it is annoying enough to discuss it with you, waiting for you to tell us if it has ever happened to you.