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This alternative to AirPods plummets 45% for a limited time


Whenever we stop to look for new headphones, Apple AirPods automatically come to mind. However, there are many firms that have in their catalog great optionsmuch more attractive in price than those of Cupertino, and that in sound quality they don’t have to send you at all. Today we bring you the OPPO Enco X (in black and white) that collapse to the €99 (RRP €179) on Amazon.

And we currently have many options for wireless headphones in this price range, but few are as complete as these from OPPO. the chinese firm has been making headphones for 15 years, although we only know their mobiles and some other daring smartwatch. One of the best pairs of headphones can be yours today with a temporary 45% discount.

Get the OPPO Enco X for only 99 euros

Oppo EncoX

The Oppo Enco X are the result of 15 years of experience in the sound sector

When we buy headphones we look at several sections: battery, sound quality, noise cancellation and comfort. This model stands out in all these sections with very good marks. They have a battery will give us 5.5 hours of use uninterrupted on a single charge, and up to 25 hours next to the charging case. The case has wireless chargingso you can use any wireless charger you have or buy for this occasion.

The OPPO Enco X are protected against water and dust in many situations thanks to its IP54 certification. integrate 3 microphones for active noise cancellation very high quality. This will reduce the duration of the case by 5 hours, but it will be worth it, I assure you. They are tactileand we can raise/lower volume, skip songs, answer calls or activate/deactivate noise cancellation whenever we want and with a single gesture.

They work with wireless technology Bluetooth 5.2 Low Energy. They are very comfortable, just weigh 4.8 grams each. They are accompanied by two silicone tips of different hardnesses to adapt to your ears. OPPO is a firm that take care of your productsespecially from the high range, and with these Enco X has not neglected to use the best professionals such as Dynaudio for design and development of these headphones.

They are also designed for people who use them very often at work for calls or video calls, and that require switching between one mode and another to be able to go from a call to office work with colleagues. This makes it possible for OPPO Transparency mode that allows us to have a conversation without having to remove the headphones.

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