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This 2020, Google and Android want you to use your mobile less

We start the year 2020 and surely we have made a great list of resolutions. What if we join the gym, sleep more, eat less and healthier … every beginning of the year we say the same and in the end nothing, for one reason or another we never fulfill them.

Apparently Google is aware that our resolutions for the year always remain in the drawer of oblivion even before reaching the month of February, so with the arrival of this new year, They are intended to help us have a more organized and healthy life. No, Google cannot force us to go out every morning for a run but it wants us to use technology less in 2020.

Tips from Google for a healthier and less technological life

And how does Google want us to spend less time on technology and more on ourselves? Well, using the mobile. Yes, it sounds like a fairly important contradiction but you will see how not. Google has a theory that technology should help us improve our lives and not the other way around, and for this has introduced various wellness tools into its products with the aim of using them less.

As we read in the official company blog, Google has focused on the following aspects to try to improve our day to day and incidentally, use the mobile phone less. Not in vain we must remember that almost a quarter of the youth of our country are addicted to the smartphone.

On the one hand, he wants us to forget about the phone and spend more time with ourselves. For this, it reminds us of the existence of tools such as Digital Wellbeing, use the Google Assistant to put the mobile on silence when we go to bed or disconnect the data connection or Wi-Fi networks to avoid distractions in specific situations, such as for example when we are having dinner.

Google also recommends that we stop talking so much on instant messaging and go out with our friends and close people. In passing mention that when we are with them let's put the phone in do not disturb mode and let's look them in the face –the latter is added by us–.

Finally, Google also gives importance to Focus Mode, something similar to Do Not Disturb but vitaminized. With Focus Mode we just have to select the apps we want to silence (WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram etc) and which we want to continue receiving notifications. A very versatile and quite interesting mode.

Of course in the end everything depends on each user and it is true that it is quite difficult to avoid the distractions that a telephone or social networks offer, but the guys at Mountain View hope that with these tools and applications Let's use the mobile less and have a healthier life.