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They manage to install Windows 11 on a mobile, an old Lumia 950 XL

In a new boast, a developer has managed to port and make the first beta of Windows 11 functional on a Nokia Lumia 950 XL phone that seems to take it all.

Some of us still fondly remember  that wonderful HTC HD2  that seemed to put up with everything, even Android 7.0 Nougat and much more, although it seems that development around the mythical Taiwanese device has frozen because of time and  hardware that no longer allowed too many frills  with more modern operating systems.

However, it seems that the old  Nokia Lumia 950 XL  will inherit its position as a platform for testing and fiddling by the community, from playing Fallout on the mobile itself to now  installing Windows 11 through a  port  that  a developer has managed to make functional , from the first beta of a promising Windows 11 that will not only allow Android apps to work, but will also try to improve the integration between mobile desktops and what you can do on your PC.

Android apps on Windows 11

Yes friends, Android apps will come to Microsoft and your desktop with Windows 11.

As we saw in  Android Authority,  the operating system can be executed and  works on the latest   Microsoft flagship that came with its old Windows Phone , and this is possible because Microsoft already allows  its first preliminary version of Windows to be downloaded  for both x64  and  Arm environments.  eleven.

It should be remembered that the Lumia 950 XL used a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset   that seems to be fully compatible, although  obviously there are limitations that we will now analyze  so that not everything is the good and curious news with which the  scene  always surprises us …  Do you still have a Lumia 950 XL in the drawer? Well, go dusting it off!

This is how Windows 11 Arm is shown running on a (almighty) Lumia 950 XL

We are probably facing the first and only Windows 11  “Mobile”  that you will see, and that is that  the new Microsoft operating system works well in the Lumia 950 XL  after a  port  of the system on Arm that allows running the Windows 11 desktop  with some jumps,   Obvious lags and a lot of youth , but also a lot of curiosity and interest in what some developers are capable of achieving.

Not surprisingly,  you can launch applications such  as the file explorer, open the start menu or run other common Windows tasks,  although the screen rotation fails  like a fairground shotgun and everything seems a bit of a toy in an excessively version preliminary and unstable. It was nothing that was not expected, obviously …

In any case, here is  a video that shows you how it works  in a little more detail:

It serves to get an idea of  what Windows 11 would look like on a smartphone , especially now that Microsoft dares with mobiles like the  Surface Duo  using Android, but  at the moment the option to install and run Android applications is not available , something that does not seem that we will be able to do in the first  betas  of Windows 11.

They have managed to  port the Windows 10 Mobile modem drivers , so the Lumia 950 XL with Windows 11 is perfectly functional as a phone,  being able to make calls and so on , something that we undoubtedly find quite impressive.

It is already an achievement to see a  port  of this type that starts on such old mobiles  and not designed for this purpose, so the possibility of doing more complex things such as opening applications or even being able to call with the phone is even more spectacular,  especially considering the confusing criteria and requirements for the update  that have been revealed from Microsoft.

And you, would you install Windows 11 on a mobile phone if you could have access to Google Play apps?