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They detect 200 malicious applications that can steal your Facebook credentials


They detect hundreds of apps in the Google Play Store with malware that is responsible for stealing all your Facebook information, including bank details and credentials.

Google makes a special effort to apply its rules in the Google Play Store to ensure that all available applications are safe for users. However, it doesn’t always go well. As they have discovered since , there are 200 applications infected with a virus that can steal your credentials and other data from Facebook.

This malware in question it’s called facestealer and it is focused on extracting the data of the users it affects. This finding deserves our full attention, as experts confirm that Facestealer is present in apps that have been downloaded thousands of times. If you have any of these apps installed, you already know that you should delete it immediately.

Facestealer, the malware that can steal your Facebook data

You can change your password, email and activate two-step authentication on Facebook from your app

Be careful with your Facebook data, this malware could steal it from you.

has carried out an investigation with which he has discovered the existence of 200 apps infected with a virus called Facestealer. It is not the first time we have heard about it, as it was found for the first time in July 2021. In addition, a few months ago we warned you that this virus was in the Craftsart Cartoon Photo Tools app and could lead to the theft of your Facebook account.

The study carried out by experts has discovered that Facestealer is in many other apps, some of them popular in the Google store. One of them it’s called Daily Fitness OLa sports application that was specifically created for steal facebook data of those users who install it.

This virus mimics the Facebook login page to keep your social network credentials.

What this application does is ask the user to log in with their Facebook account. It is easy to fall into the trap, because the displayed page is exactly the same as the one shown on the social network by Mark Zuckerberg. Once logged in, the spyware encrypts the information and sends it to Russian servers.

With this simple method, Facestealer keeps all the data related to the attacked Facebook account. For example, get the photographs, login credentialsphysical addresses and also Bank data that are associated.

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Other applications affected by this virus are Enjoy Photo Editor, Panorama Camera, Photo Gaming Puzzle, Swarm Photo and Business Meta Manager. According to 42 of the 200 infected applications belong to the VPN category, 20 are camera applications and 13 are photo editing applications, while the rest serve other unspecified functions.

Based on our checks, it appears that Google has already removed most of these apps from the Play Store. However, you must proceed to remove them from your mobile or tablet if you have them installed and, of course, pay good attention to the apps you download in the future.

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