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These wireless headphones have a battery for… 100 hours of continuous playback!

As in the world of smartphones, the wireless headphones market it is quite wide. Users can choose from a wide variety of products, such as New Bullets Wireless 2 from OnePlus or Apple's AirPods, among many others. However, if what they are looking for autonomy has new wireless headphones have a battery for… 100 hours of continuous playback!

The Cleer Audio Enduro 100 They are elegant wireless headphones that were launched last summer and that stand out for having a battery of 100 hours of continuous playback, or what is the same, with a duration of up to four days. Cleer is a company that is barely three years old and that has just begun its expansion in the United Kingdom thanks to its powerful headphones.

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These are the industry's first wireless headphones to provide a battery with 100 hour capacity of continuous audio playback on a single charge. That is, users will be able to listen to their music for four days no need to charge the headphones at any time. Regarding their design, they are elegant and have thick and comfortable ear pads, as well as a flexible headband in two colors: “Stingray Gray” and “Coronado Sand”.

With 10 minutes of charge you get up to 13 hours of use

Wireless headphones 100 hours continuous autonomy

However, it stands out that these wireless headphones do not have noise cancellation, something that helps to increase battery life. Other factors that supposedly also help this are, in addition to the 800 mAh battery, the addition of Bluetooth 5.0 and autoplay pause when the user takes off the headphones.

In addition, it also has fast charging, so with just 10 minutes of charging the headphones have a autonomy of 13 hours. With three hours of charge, the playback capacity rises up to 100 hours. Without a doubt it's all about wireless headphones with greater autonomy in the market.