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These are the most intrusive applications that you can install on your Android mobile

These are the most intrusive apps that we can install on a mobile device

Android apps exist in the millions. The truth is that if Android can boast about something compared to iOS, it is that in its application store there are tools and services of all kinds, for all tastes and for all needs.

Now, we always say that you have to be very careful with what you install on your smartphone, even if that “something” comes from official sources like the Google Play Store. Although in this store there are many useful tools, There are also dangerous ones that the only thing they are looking for is our private data or fill our smartphone with malware.

Instagram is one of the most intrusive apps that we can install on our smartphone

However, there are also known applications that, without being dangerous, are quite invasive or intrusive. Applications that are part of our daily life, that make our day to day easier, free but that can put our privacy in danger. Do you want to know what they are?

These are the most intrusive apps you can install on your Android device

According to a study by cloud storage company pCloud, in which a multitude of mobile applications have been investigated, social networks are undoubtedly the apps that store the most data from us, something that on the other hand, does not take us by surprise.

intrusive apps

These are the most intrusive apps you can install on your smartphone

The analysis has been divided into several categories and there are applications that collect data to share with third parties and others do it for their own benefit. In the first category, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn are the apps that collect the most data. In the second, Facebook and Instagram repeat, although here Klarma, an online shopping app, is added.

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In general terms (if we make an average of both categories), Instagram wins by a landslide as it shares 62% of our data. It is followed by Facebook with 53%, Uber Eats with 50%, Trainline with 43% and Ebay with 40%.

On the contrary, this study has stated that the apps that use the least data from us are (and there are surprises) Signal, the social network Cloubhouse, Netflix, Microsoft Teams and Google Classroom.

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