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These are the apps most used by the founder of Xiaomi

What are the apps most used by the founder of Xiaomi?

Xiaomi is one of our favorite technology brands, not only because of its phones with an unbeatable value for money but also because in the firm's catalog there are a multitude of electronic devices that make life much easier.

However, there is no doubt that Xiaomi is really known for its smartphones. High quality smart devices that are designed both for people who want devices at a low price and for those who are looking for a powerful smartphone to work with.

And for all this, many users wonder what the great executives of companies use their smartphones for. We already know that great entrepreneurs like Elon Musk do not last long with these devices but, What is the use made by the founder of Xiaomi? What apps are the most used?

What apps are the most used by the founder of Xiaomi?

TikTok is one of the apps most used by the founder of Xiaomi

Lei Jun is one of the co-founders of Xiaomi and therefore one of the culprits that the firm is one of the most important companies in the world.

In a recent interviewThey asked the good old Lei Jun what was the majority use of your smartphone and this answered without a doubt that to work.

To show that he was a serious executive and that he was not wasting time with his device, Lei Jun turned on his smartphone and accessed the airtime where the whole truth came to light. That same day, Lei had used her phone for a total of 6 hours and 18 minutes. of which he had been using the TikTok social network for two hours, the Chinese social network Weibo for another two hours and the WeChat messaging app for just over an hour. The most curious thing is that in the app the time called “office” was only 34 minutes …

Lei Jun laughed it off and he excused himself saying that “today was the weekend.”

Beyond the fun of the anecdote and the closeness of Xiaomi with its fans, it is corroborated that the social networks TikTok, Weibo and messaging apps such as WeChat are quite popular in China and it is that even the highest executives of the companies they use. Be that as it may, we'd love to know what apps other executives use. What will be the applications most used by Apple's Tim Cook?