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These are the apps and games that generated the most money in 2018

There are only a few days left to welcome 2019. A moment that companies take advantage of to remember everything that has happened in recent months. Recently Google posted the 2018 search trends and they met the most used and insecure passwords. Now it's time to discover the games and applications that generated the most money in 2018.

Annie App, the mobile data and analytics firm, has offered a list of apps and games that more money generated in 2018, where they stand out Netflix Y Fate / Grand Order. According to the firm, game and application downloads grow 10% in 2018, reached 113 billion, and consumer spending on those apps reached new levels.

Consumer spending is forecast to has grown 20 percent year after year for exceed 76 billion dollars worldwide. A rise that is due to the growing investment of users in mobile games, such as Pokemon go, and subscriptions to different applications, such as HBO.

Fate / Grand Order and Netflix top the list

These are the apps and games that generated the most money in 2018

The same report reflects that mobile devices have taken a greater part of consumers' time in the last twelve months. For example, In the United States, the average smartphone user spent almost three hours a day on applications. A figure that reflects a rise of 10% compared to 2017 and of 20% compared to 2016.

This year the game with the most revenue was Fate / Grand Order. Pokémon GO conquered the seventh place, while Clash Royale stayed in the position number of 10. For its part, the best app was Netflix, followed by Tinder and Tencent Video. In the image above you can see the two rankings in full.

What is clear is that 2018 has been another year of transformation for the world of smartphones, which increasingly sees how interest in applications and video games increases. It only remains to wait to know whether these figures will increase in the next twelve months.