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These are the 3 keys that make MIUI 9 the best customization layer

MIUI has traditionally been one of the best customization layers on Android, perhaps because of its resemblance to iOS, or perhaps because of its good performance, the truth is that the Xiaomi layer has many fans, and many other detractors.

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After months since MIUI 9 was announced, and a painful update policy, which is taking much longer than expected, although it finally seems that they will eventually reach 40 terminals than Xiaomi.

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The 3 keys of the Xiaomi layer

The most useful lock screen on Android

The lock screen is a very important element in any mobile since, after all, many times we only turn on the screen of our terminal to see the time and the notifications we have.

And here, MIUI has certain shortcomings, such as the fact that notifications cannot be displayed – something that they are alleviating in Nougat, it seems – however, despite this, it is clearly the most useful lock screen on Android.

And it is that, while you are charging the terminal you can press the icon where the load appears to see information related to it, and, if you slide to the right, you can have access to a control center from which to activate the flashlight, access the remote control application, or to My Home, the application from which to manage all the home automation.

In addition to the already usual quick access to the camera by sliding to the left.

MIUI 9 lock screen

Brutal theme management and animations

If there is something we like about MIUI 9 after a couple of months testing it, it is the new animations. Now, when you open an application, it starts from the position in the launcher from which you opened it, which gives you a more immersive feeling, as happens in iOS.

In addition, the management of MIUI themes is the best you can find in a customization layer, since it allows you to choose an element of each theme you want, and apply it in your terminal.

That is, you can take the icons of a theme, the notification bar of a different theme, and so on with all the available elements.


Privacy and ability to block apps

One of the things that matter most to us these days is privacy, and, although we renounce much of it when buying a smartphone, the truth is that some layers allow us to choose strictly which permissions we want to give and which ones no, beyond the Google options enabled for it, and MIUI is one of these layers.

In addition, its auto-start permissions are quite strict, to the point that if you do not activate the applications you want to receive notifications from, they will not reach you.

But also, MIUI has something that is quite useful: the individual blocking of applications. That is, you can block the Amazon application, or that of your bank, so that every time you want to open it, it asks you for a pattern, so that, even if your mobile is unlocked, no one can access these applications if you do not give it the correct pattern.

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