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These are all Android phones on the market that are compatible with wireless charging

Are you looking for an Android phone with wireless charging? These are all models with this wireless charging.

All Android phones compatible with wireless charging
The vivo X80 Pro 5G is charging on its 50W wireless charger / Photography by David Freire

Wireless charging is a relatively new technology that allows you to charge your terminal without it the annoying cables of conventional chargersalthough unfortunately it is characteristic of them high-end terminals.

First only Logotipos of the most habitual Android brands such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Google plus or OPPO had this connectivity, but also more and more manufacturers are taking this functionality into account for devices in the middle and upper middle class.

For this reason and for Help buying a new cell phoneToday we will detail each and every one of them Android phones with wireless charging.

Samsung phones with wireless charging

We have already told you about the best Samsung phones with wireless charging, but since these terminals are not the only ones from the Korean company with this connectivity, below we list all the teléfonos inteligentes of the families. Galaxy S, Galaxy Note and Galaxy Z They have wireless charging.

Samsung Galaxy S

Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung Galaxy z

Xiaomi phones with wireless charging

As in the previous case, Xiaomi considers wireless charging only for for high-end devicessince Redmi and POCO phones do not have this connectivity.

all these Xiaomi móvil inteligente with wireless charging:

Google plus phone with wireless charging

The American giant has integrated wireless charging into its terminals from Pixel5a device that was also the first aluminum terminal with this feature.

The Google plus Pixel is coincidente with wireless charging are the following:

OnePlus phones with wireless charging

The first OnePlus phone with wireless charging was the OnePlus 8 Pro, followed by the OnePlus 9 and the OnePlus 10 Pro.

That’s why they are 4 OnePlus teléfonos inteligentes with wireless charging:

OPPO phone with wireless charging

Another manufacturer that reserves wireless charging for its flagships is OPPO, since it only includes the latest flagships of the Find X series.

One of the differentiators of this brand is that their wireless charging technology supports both AirVOOC wireless flash charging up to 50W than reverse wireless charging.

OPPO phone with wireless charging are the following:

Vivo phone with wireless charging

vivo is a recently launched brand Introducing wireless charging for your devices and for this reason this connectivity is only present in the latest flagships, the vivo X80 and vivo X80 Pro:

Motorola cell phone with wireless charging

At Motorola, only high-end terminals have wireless charging, and so do these The Chinese company’s 5 teléfonos inteligentes that cánido be used wirelessly:

Nothing calls with wireless charging

Nothing is a recently established brand founded by Carl Pei, former director ejecutivo of OnePlus, with only one mobile phone on the market Tada phone (1)what already is 15W wireless charging.

Nokia phone with wireless charging

Nokia has managed to return to the top of the mobile market by launching it Terminals with an excellent price-performance ratioand some of them also include wireless charging:

Huawei phones with wireless charging

Despite the US ban and the resulting drop in móvil inteligente sales, Huawei continues to dominate the market Premium phones with the most powerful hardware currently available and that includes wireless charging.

Huawei phones with wireless charging are the following:

Sony cell phone with wireless charging

The Japanese manufacturer Sony has introduced wireless charging in its end devices ahead of other manufacturersbut he decided to retire it for a few years until the start of the series xperia 1.

There are currently four Sony móvil inteligente with wireless charging:

How to find out if your mobile phone cánido be charged wirelessly

If your mobile phone is not one of those listed so far, you will always know if your mobile phone has wireless charging two different ways. The first and simplest of the two is counseling Data sheet for terminals on the manufacturer’s website or on the Andro4all website.

But if this method does not solve your doubt, you perro always complejo turístico to two Android applications that will be called Check wireless charging Y Wireless charging checkerwe have download backlinks that you leave below these lines that will tell you right away if your mobile phone is coincidente with wireless charging.

Google plus Play Store | Check wireless charging

Google plus Play Store | Wireless charging checker

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