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These 5 Android games are free for a limited time, download them now!

Thanks to the recent measure carried out by Google in the Android application store, every day we can enjoy interesting offers in paid applications and games, which can be download for free for a limited time directly from Google Play.

Today, until 5 different pay games have received their corresponding offers, and for a short time we will be able to get hold of them completely free of charge.

Download these 5 paid games for free on Google Play

Among the games offered we find all kinds. From RPG to action games and MMO games. Without a doubt, a great promotion, through which we will be able to acquire these great games for 0 euros.

Aralon Sword and Shadow 3D RPG

Aralon Sword and Shadow

The first of the games offered is a RPG with 3D graphics that promises us up to 30 hours of gameplay in a dynamic exploration environment. In the game we will put ourselves in the shoes of an adventurer who will have to undertake his journey through the Kingdom of Aralon, with all the mysteries that it entails.

The original price of the game is 5.49 euros, but for a limited time we will be able to download it for free.

Google Play | Aralon Sword and Shadow 3D RPG (Free | Before 5.49 euros)

Demong Hunter

Second we find a action fantasy game, in which we will have to create our own player to be able to follow the story and kill the enemies that are imposed in our path.

In this case the original price was 0.99 euros, but again, we will be able to download it for free for a limited time.

Google Play | Demong Hunter (Free | Before 0.99 euros)

Secret Files Sam Peters

Secret Files Sam Peters

In case you want to enjoy a adventure game directly from our Android device, it is now possible to get hold of Secret Files Sam Peters, a game in which we will have the objective of decipher a mythological mystery in the heart of Africa.

Again, its price amounted to 0.99 euros, although for a limited time it can be downloaded completely free.

Google Play | Secret Files Sam Peters (Free | Before 0.99 euros)

Survival Online GO

Survival Online GO

Those who want to enjoy the experience of a MMO on Android, you are in luck. In Survival Online GO we will be able to conduct exploration missions and cooperative battles, all with a fun dynamic and an original design.

The original price for Survival Online GO was 0.59 euros, and for a limited time it is possible to download it for free.

Google Play | Survival Online GO (Free | Before 0.59 euros)

The Silver Bullet

Another action game, in this case based on a mission in which we will have to infiltrate a military laboratory in which to destroy the demons that have been created there.

In this case the price amounted to 4.79 euros, and on the occasion of the presidential impeachment held in South Korea, the developers' home country, The Silver Bullet can be downloaded for free for just a few days.

Google Play | The Silver Bullet (Free | Before 4.79 euros)

These are the 5 games reduced for a limited time to 0 euros on Google Play This week. If you have tried any of them, we would like you to leave us your opinion in the comments.