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There are still 2 years to go before Apple dares to launch a foldable iPhone

Apple’s folding smartphone is getting closer to being a reality.

Ming-Chi Kuo, one of Apple’s brightest analysts and leakers in the industry just shared another of his famous predictions with investors: there will be foldable iPhone, yes, we will not see it this year or the next.

According to MacRumors, Kuo’s research predicts that Apple will launch an 8-inch foldable iPhone in 2023, reaching, at the end of that year, a sales volume located between 15 and 20 million units.

A foldable iPhone? Wait seated

Ming-Chi Kuo has spoken: the foldable iPhone won’t see the light of day until 2023

In his note to investors of TF International Securities, Kuo claims that folding smartphones are such a for a brand of the stature of Apple, which cannot afford to miss out on its piece of the pie, especially considering the early bet on folding from a tough competitor like Samsung.

Likewise, according to Kuo, the foldable iPhone would initiate a new consumer “supercycle” for Apple, since it would create in its users an unprecedented need for renovation, triggering sales at the right time. Specifically, the new foldable iPhone would achieve up to 20 million shipments only during its release year, 2023.

To put the figure in context, it is calculated that in 2020 Apple sold about 65 million iPhone 11s and just over 20 million iPhone SEs.

This is what a foldable iPhone would look like: love it or hate it

In Kuo’s opinion, this new foldable iPhone from OLED QHD + display would lead Apple to lead the world sales of folding mobile phones, surpassing even Samsung, which adds several generations of its now iconic Galaxy Z Flip.

If the analyst’s predictions are fulfilled, Apple would present its first folding device up to 4 years later than Android manufacturers, more than enough time to avoid make the same mistakes as Samsung, Huawei or Motorola with their first commercial “prototypes”. Will Apple be able to convince its users that its foldable iPhone won’t be like that first Galaxy Fold? If all goes well, we’ll find out in 2023.

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