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The Xiaomi Mi Band 6 will have support to answer WhatsApp and Telegram messages

Xiaomi will allow you to respond to WhatsApp and Telegram messages from the next Mi Band bracelet.

The time of year when the leaks about the new generation of Xiaomi smart wristbands They reappear week after week. Of the new Xiaomi Mi Band 6 only a few details are known. However, new rumors are emerging today stating that Xiaomi's new smart bracelet could be much more complete than the current version.

And it is that Xiaomi would have planned add support for messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram, giving bracelet users the option to reply to messages directly from the bracelet.

A WhatsApp message on a Xiaomi Mi Band.

GPS, messaging apps and more news of the Mi Band 6

The leakage comes from , a user who has been able to access the firmware of the new bracelet and reveal some of its most interesting news.

Thus, through the Mi Fit app code, evidence has been discovered suggesting the possibility of reply SMS messages using the screen of the Mi Band 6. Do not forget that previous rumors have suggested that the screen would be larger, something that would make things easier when choosing between a series of predefined responses, or when typing a message with a touch keyboard.

Also suggested is Telegram and WhatsApp integration thanks to this new feature.

To all this must be added the existence of GPS, which will allow users to obtain more precise location information when doing outdoor activities. As for NFC, it is expected that, once again, it will be an exclusive functionality of the model oriented to the Chinese market.

On the other hand, the firmware also indicates that Xiaomi would have redesigned the spheres of the bracelet to fit the higher resolution of the Mi Band 5 screen. options menus and icons for apps and tools They have also been updated with an increase in resolution.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6

The first information about the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 has already been leaked

The Mi Band 6 will be able to show emojis in notifications

If you have or have had a Mi Band, you will know that one of the problems when reading WhatsApp or Telegram messages is the bracelet is the incompatibility with symbols and emojis, which the bracelet is not able to interpret and therefore are not displayed correctly on the screen.

This will change in the Mi Band 6, as it has been discovered, they are already 308 emojis present in the bracelet software. Besides that, there will be more different apps with its own icon for notifications on the bracelet.

Unless Xiaomi decides to advance its arrival, it is most likely that you will have to wait until month of June to know all the details of the new Xiaomi bracelet. That is, as long as the leaks do not completely reveal the company's new product.

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