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The version of Android Auto for mobile is now even better

Google Maps looks much better on Android Auto with its latest update.

Although months ago everything pointed to saying goodbye to this function sooner or later, today it is still possible use Android Auto in any carregardless of whether the vehicle in question is compatible or not. To do this, simply use the mobile version of the application, which integrates an interface similar to that of the platform for vehicles.

And the truth is that Google’s plans to end this version of the platform seem not to have gone as the company thought. In fact, Android Auto mobile version continues to update with new features and enhancements that increasingly reduce the gap between this variant and the platform integrated directly into the devices. A clear example is the latest app update, which makes the Android Auto experience on mobile even more complete.

Android Auto can be used in any car, even if it is not supported

Google Maps now “looks” better on Android Auto for mobile

Just like have discovered in There are several changes that come to the version of Android Auto for mobile phones. However, the news is not linked to the application itself, but rather comes together with version 10.45 of Google Maps for Android.

The first interesting novelty is found in the navigation window. As can be seen in the images below these lines, the new version of Maps –the three images at the top– show changes like a darker green shade that improves readability, buttons with rounded corners and an options panel that now lacks the button with the arrow pointing up that allows to display the menu itself. Now enough swipe from tab up to open the panel.

But the most important news appear when turning the mobile and place it in landscape format. With the new version of Maps –in the images at the bottom–, the navigation options menu now does not fill the entire screenBut, as in the Android Auto version for cars, it only occupies the left half of the panel. The same happens when the menu is closed: the toolbar is docked at the bottom left instead of occupying the entire bottom, so that the map occupies a much larger area, something that will undoubtedly be appreciated when driving.

We do not know if the Google Assistant driving mode will eventually replace the Android Auto version for mobile phones. Be that as it may, and if that ever happens, it is appreciated that Google does not forget to continue improving this useful application that brings the Android Auto experience closer to all those who do not have a car compatible with the platform.

The version of Google Maps for Android that introduces these new features in Android Auto has already started its deployment through Google Play. Therefore, it is to be expected that in the next few hours or days, all the users of the application will be able to enjoy the improvements.