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The three best web browsers on Android

Among so many web browsers in the Android universe, it is difficult to place one above the rest.

The reason is simple: although it is true that there are browsers that leave much to be desired compared to their competitors, there are a few that achieve a sublime user experience and that stand out for their own characteristics.

In order to help you choose your ‘default’ browser, I have selected what for me are the three best browsers on Android currently:

Dolphin Browser

Dolphin Browser screenshots

In my opinion, the most complete browser we can find. Fast and simple with an aesthetically pleasing interface. We can establish different shortcuts on the home page to the main websites and we will have access to a multitude of customization options, something that for some is essential and that other browsers do not implement.

The different tabs will be arranged at the top similar to Chrome on PC. To access the history, simply move our finger from left to right.

Google play | Dolphin Browser

Google Chrome

Chrome Android screenshots

It is the Google browser; has an interface clean and fast in which we will access the tabs through an icon located to the right of the upper bar, through which we will press to toggle between them that we will see in the form of letters.

Its main virtue is found in the possibility of synchronizing our data with our desktop browser through our Google account.

It also stands out for being faster at times than the rest and much simpler.

Google play | Chrome for Android


Opera Android screenshots

Since launching its revamped interface, Opera has won integers against its rivals. Its ” all-terrain ” function will allow us to optimize our navigation speed and its ” discover ” tab, a news feed, will keep us informed of everything that happens just by moving our finger to the left on the home page, a really interesting option.

The movement between tabs is similar to that of Chrome. The all-terrain function will allow anyone who has a slow data connection or navigates in places where there is little coverage, something that stands out over Dolphin or Chrome, will continue to enjoy browsing.

Google play | Opera browser

It is difficult to stay with one of many, that is why I have chosen these three browsers to greatly limit a search that would otherwise be eternal.

It all depends on your tastes, but in any case the experience gained by using any of them will be, at best, outstanding.

All three are free and can be downloaded from Google Play.