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The story of how an NBA coach “punished” a player for using an Android phone

An NBA coach stars in an unfortunate story.

We all know that the United States is Apple territory. Here the devices of the bitten apple rule (especially the iPhone) to the point that if someone does not carry a smartphone from Cupertino, can be considered a freak.

Identifying an Android owner in the United States is really easy. You just have to talk to him through iMessage and observe the color of his message. If the color is green that means you have an Android phone. This of course should not be a problem for most people, not in vain everyone uses the phone they want. But we are talking about the United States and here the loyalty for Apple is so high that even an NBA coach punished one of his players for not having an iPhone. And no, this is not a joke.

Punished for not having an iPhone

Having an Android in the United States can be dangerous

Leaving the cult of Apple is really complicated, their products are really incredible and they work perfectly. However, not everyone uses Apple for this same reason. Some do it so as not to be “displaced” or feel “different”.

Today's story is strange and embarrassing to say the least. As reported by the Insider mediaIt all started in 2014 when the NBA team, the Milwaukee Bucks, was coached by Jason Kidd. Kidd, known for being quite strict in training, also made one thing clear from the start, hated android phones with all his might.

Everything exploded when Thon Maker, one of his players, wrote by iMessage in the group chat. He didn't really say anything bad but his message appeared in green or what is the same, he was using an Android phone. Jason Kidd exploded in rage. The Bucks' perfect blue chat was interrupted by a green bubble. That Maker did not have an iPhone was disrespectful to the team, it was an example that the group was not united. What did? Punish the player and the whole team to run for a long time.

Kidd's reaction has no justification and is that in the end everyone does with their money what they want. With performances like this, it is normal for Apple to be number one in the United States. If adults behave like this, can you imagine the harassment that a teenager can suffer for having an Android phone?

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