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The son of a famous music composer files millionaire lawsuits against Google, Apple and Microsoft

Harold Arlen was one of the most prolific composers of the 20th century. With more than 400 songs behind him, “Over the rainbow” is one of his best known songs, appearing played by Judy Garland in the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz, nominated for 12 Oscars and where it acquired great popularity.

Well now, this composer has become current and not because his compositions appear among the best songs on Spotify, but because Harold's son, Sam Arlen, is suing some of the world's largest and most popular tech companies for crimes against intellectual property.

As we can read on the BBC websiteArlen's attorneys state that have found more than 6,000 unauthorized copies of the famous composer's songs on streaming music services from Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft; all of them also at much lower prices than the originals. Therefore, they say that all these firms are involved in massive piracy operations.

Apparently, Arlen is requesting compensation that could reach several million dollars, since among his arguments, it stands out that many of these “pirate” songs have been copied from illegal records and not from the original tapes, and that therefore they are violating his property as well as the copyright that he owns as heir his father's.

For now the companies sued have not yet made any comment regarding this situation, so we will have to wait to find out how they act.