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The Samsung Galaxy S21 have more RAM than most computers, is it necessary?

The new Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21 + have become in just a few days the most interesting devices currently on the market, thanks to the magnificent work that the brand has done in terms of design and above all, technical specifications.

The new Samsung smartphones are all raw power. Currently it is quite difficult to find anything better in terms of power and performance, not in vain the new Galaxy S20 have the latest of the latest in terms of hardware, but what we ask ourselves is the following: is it necessary? The Galaxy S21 have 8 or 12 GB of RAM memory, an absurdly high amount and more when we not only compare it with other models of mobile phones but even with other devices such as a laptop.

12 GB of RAM: necessary or simple marketing?

The screen of the Samsung Galaxy S21.

If any of you have a laptop at home, it probably has about 8 GB of RAM or even less. Despite this, you will use it to make office automation documents, browse the internet with many tabs open in Google Chrome and even enjoy some online game such as Legends of Runeterra or even Fortnite. Surely all these tasks you do on said laptop without any problem.

All this makes us wonder why an Android phone needs so much RAM. Does Android require more resources than a desktop operating system like Windows 10? Are Android applications and games heavier than those used on a computer? Obviously not and this is concerning.

Obviously, if a mobile device in 2021 goes on sale with all this amount of RAM, it means that the rest of the competition brands will equal and even surpass it. We do not doubt that Huawei or even Xiaomi will not want to be left behind in this aspect what it will mean a higher cost of phones to come. Of course, no Android app is going to require 12 GB of RAM to work, especially considering the fact that there are mid-range / low-end devices with a figure of 3 GB. Therefore, we only have one possible explanation left to try to understand the reason that these high figures have been opted for: marketing question.

When an average user is going to buy a new high-end phone and as long as money is not an issue, choose the device with the best technical specifications. Therefore, if a smartphone has 12 GB, the theory tells us that it will be better than one with 8 or 6. In addition, these 12 GB of RAM allow the brand to sell the phone at a higher price regardless of the operating system. for mobile, such as Android, it needs or not these amounts of memory.

In short, the 12 GB of RAM will be the new 108 megapixels. Necessary? Obviously for the user no but Yes, necessary for brands to sell us mobile phones at higher prices every year. And we who thought we had peaked with prices … how naive!