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The remake of the mythical Trials of Mana is now available on Android

Trials of Mana can now be downloaded on Android.

The evolution of mobile video games is worthy of admiration. Years ago these were casual games such as Angry Birds or Candy Crush. Games to play quick games while waiting for the bus or in the dentist's waiting room. Nothing to do with the titles that we could enjoy on consoles or computers.

However, games for mobile platforms such as Android or iOS have improved a lot. Not only because big developers like Nintendo, Microsoft or Square Enix are betting on them, but also on services like Apple Arcade. Namely, Nowadays playing on your mobile is as valid as doing it on a console.

Furthermore, we can also play PS4 titles on a mobile phone. The last example is the remake of Trials of Mana that came out last year on consoles and that we can now download on Android. And we already warn you, it is a real game.

Download Trials of Mana for Android right now

The remake of the legendary Trials of Mana is now available on Android

The 16-bit era was one of the best for video game lovers, especially all those in love with the JRPG. Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Breath of Fire, Terranigma or Trials of Mana are just some of the examples.

And we want to talk to you about this latest game because if you didn't know last year Square Enix released a remake of this classic, with new graphics and a more action-oriented gameplay. Obviously it does not have the charm of the original but we are not going to fool you, it was a title more than worthy and really fun.

Well, after passing through PS4 and Steam, Square Enix has decided to launch it on mobile platforms such as Android. As you read it, a 2020 PS4 game available for download on an Android smartphone.

The game narrates the journey of three heroes (eligible from six, each with their different characteristics and abilities) in their goal of finding the sword of Mana and thus saving the world. Depending on the heroes we choose, the sites we visit and the enemies will change, so if we want to complete the game one hundred percent we will have to pass it up to 3 times.

But if this Trials of Mana draws attention (in addition to its renewed graphics) it is in its playability. While the original bet on a much more tactical and leisurely combat system, This bet on direct action and honestly, it feels great.

With four levels of difficulty, dubbing in English and Japanese and more than 60 different songs from its soundtrack, Trials of Mana becomes a must-have. Yes indeed, id saving up to 6 GB of storage on your device as well as the 26.99 euros that the game costs. A lot of money? I will only tell you that the PS4 version took me almost 50 hours of play.

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