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The real-time location of WhatsApp, a good feature, or was it unnecessary?

Last updated on 10/21/2017 at 18:00

WhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the most used messaging services in the world, a what do you want to keep with the constant release of new features and functionalities.

This week, without going any further, WhatsApp premiered on its the , name that receives the functionality that will allow you to share your exact position in real time with your friends.

Why has WhatsApp added the real-time location

Even though Telegram launched this same functionality a few days ago, today we will focus on WhatsApp. Specifically, we will give reasons why launching such a feature makes sense and reasons why not. Always, of course, with the help of your comments.

First, the reasons for “yes” to this functionality are quite clear: we avoid getting lost, we avoid misunderstandings by staying in unknown places, we avoid having to be aware of our friend’s car when going anywhere, etc.

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However, the reasons why you may be against these They are also quite obvious, and it is that we are talking about sharing our location on the map with our friends and with WhatsApp, and by WhatsApp I mean Facebook.

If we put ethics aside, I can’t think of any more reasons to be against it. WhatsApp, of course, does not enable this option by default, but in any case it is you who activates and deactivates it. In fact, it even deactivates itself after a while.

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Apart from whether it is useful or whether we are in favor, another issue worth discussing is whether it is really worth it, that is if the incorporation of the on WhatsApp. For example, to define a place to stay or to find a lost friend, it is enough to send our location precisely by WhatsApp.

Consequently, I think that WhatsApp wants to use this novelty more as a “social network”, that is, that we use it to see what friends we have around or even what they are doing, so that instead of using Snapchat or Instagram, we just have to open the app.