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The OnePlus Buds Pro will be the brand’s first headphones with active noise cancellation

OnePlus will present its new OnePlus Buds Pro alongside the Nord 2, and they will be its most advanced headphones yet.

The OnePlus Nord 2 won't come alone. ing in the same footsteps as last year, the company has confirmed that will launch a new generation of smart headphones, accompanying the OnePlus Buds and OnePlus Buds Z.

Will be the OnePlus Buds Pro, and as the name implies, they will be wireless headphones most advanced of the brand to date. Thanks to CNET, today we can learn more details about them.

Familiar design and active noise cancellation

The design of the OnePlus Buds Pro, the brand's first active noise canceling wireless headphones.

As confirmed by the company itself, OnePlus Buds Pro They have been in development since July of last year. During these months, they have been worked on with the aim of making them the more advanced headphones from the brand's catalog, ready to compete with the most popular models on the market, such as the AirPods Pro or the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro.

To do this, a “adaptive” noise cancellation system which, using three different microphones, can “Monitor outside noises” to produce frequencies capable of “canceling” these sounds. Noise cancellation can be activated or deactivated both from the “HeyMelody” app, available on iOS and Android, as well as from the headphones themselves with a long press on the touch panels integrated in the “stick” part of each of the .

The brand indicates that the Buds Pro will be capable of vary frequencies from a minimum of 15 decibels to a maximum of 40.

It has also been suggested that autonomy will be an essential aspect of these headphones, being able to offer up to 28 hours of use with noise cancellation mode enabled, or up to 38 hours if this mode is dispensed with.

In addition, Integrated fast charging technology will allow you to charge the headphones in just 10 minutes with the integrated case, for a use up to 10 hours. In addition, it will not be necessary to have a charger or a USB Type-C cable specific.

Nor will the support for Qi wireless charging, with a maximum power allowed of 2W.

The design of the new OnePlus Buds Pro It will be inspired by that of Apple's AirPods Pro. It will have a similar format, although in this case the headphones have a dual-tone, matte and gloss finish, and they arrive in black.

For now, this is all that is known of the OnePlus Buds Pro that will be presented next July 22 along with the OnePlus Nord 2. At the event, the brand will share all the remaining information about these totally wireless headphones.

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