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The newly introduced realme 7 Pro starts updating to Android 11

Little by little it really completes its list of terminals with Android 11.

Updates to Android 11 are the talk of the industry in recent weeks. Little by little, companies are defining and implementing their plan on the new version of Google’s operating system and, the last to announce news about it has been realme.

The Chinese firm announced last September its realme UI 2.0 customization layer and for which phones it would implement it. In addition, it established a roadmap with estimated dates in which its high-end devices occupied, how could it be otherwise, the first positions.

realme 7 Pro enters the scene

The realme X50 Pro 5G has already received the UI 2.0 customization layer and now it is the turn of another of the star launches of the Chinese firm this year, the realme 7 Pro. In their analysis we already told you that they were a great relationship terminal quality price difficult to match.

has really opened me since today the early access for this terminal to the new version of the customization layer. Those interested in obtaining it can request the program in the phone’s own menu: There will appear an option to activate the trial version for which it is necessary send a series of information.

Once this is completed, the update will not take long to reach the device. Of course, the test phase has a limit of participants, so, if it is of your interest, the most advisable thing is that do not delay the process. The download weight is approximately 3.6 GB and it should be noted that it may have unstable aspects, as it is not a definitive version.

In the list that we commented at the beginning of the post about the realme terminals that will receive this customization layer, the following are the realme 6 pro, the realme 7, and the realme X2 Pro. During the month of December, if nothing happens, they will receive UI 2.0 in the testing phase.

For the first months of 2021, it is expected that another six smartphones from the Chinese company can implement the update and thus successfully conclude the aforementioned roadmap.