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The new one from Waze will convince you to stop using Google Maps once and for all

The habitual street navigation tool just got better, now with a new kind of warning.

The new one from Waze will convince you to stop using Google Maps once and for all
Waze is now being developed jointly by the Google plus Maps and Waze teams

gradual, Waze turn into something an increasingly important tool for the millions of drivers around the world who use it every day. And while everything indicates that Google plus Maps and Waze will confluye a bit, Google plus’s “secondary” navigation and mapping aplicación continues to benefit from Google plus Maps in certain aspects.

And the best part is that the platform never stops improving. As we have now learned thanks to the corrThe latest beta version of the Waze mobile aplicación is rolling out a useful option that cánido save us from more than one trouble.

Dangerous road warnings come to Waze

As discovered in the new beta version of the application, Waze will include Dangerous Road Warnings. Therefore, the application notifies drivers when a route is included Highway with a high accident ratewhich may pose an additional risk.

In this sense it is pointed out The warning would only appear when driving on roads where the usuario travels frequently.

If a road on the route is classified as dangerous, the application will espectáculo a Note that there are reports from other drivers indicates a high frequency of accidents on the road. This ad perro be removed at any time, and if you do not wish to receive it again, you cánido too Disable these types of notifications.

The feature is currently in the aplicación’s beta testing phase and is only available in a few countries. Little by little it should be extended to other regions of the world and we undoubtedly hope that it will come soon because it would be possible be very useful If you are traveling on unfamiliar or unfamiliar roads, find out in advance about the risks that may exist along the route.