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The much-anticipated Nova Launcher 7 update is now available on Google Play, and here’s the news

It’s taken longer than expected, but Nova Launcher 7 is already available on Google plus Play, albeit as “Beta” for a while.

The much-anticipated Nova Launcher 7 update is now available on Google Play, and here's the news
And finally, Nova Launcher is still the benchmark for Android customization.

If you’ve recently reached the Android operating system, chances are you’ve done it New starter It may have passed you by, but for all of you who have been using a mobile phone with the Android lock for a number of years, especially in this dark period where The customization by the manufacturer was more of a punishment than an interfazYou’ll be glad to hear that Nova Launcher is still more alive than ever.

Indeed, and this despite the fact that there has been no news since January Version 7 of Starter most habitual platformpromised to adapt to the latest Android 11 news to prepare for the arrival of Android 12, here we finally have more news from TeslaCoil Programa that was a few hours ago first published on Google plus Play beta with Nova Launcher 7 still in development.

In any case, as our classmates told us, Police Androidif you are registered for the beta from Nova Launcher you cánido now enjoy on the News about the just released version v7.0.39 on Google plus Play, with numerous visual changes and more modern graphics, more customization options especially in the new icons and widgets corner radius with custom corners.

Nova Launcher 7 is surprisingly presented on Google plus Play, which is currently in closed “beta”, already adapting its interfaces to the latest AOSP bases and preparing for the future with graphics and functions that will reach Android 12.

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According to the development team itself, this version is 7.0.39 of Nova Launcher the first to be released in a phased release on Google plus Playalready based on the latest AOSP code with a fresher look, new animations and visual styles the latest Android versions.

Actually, it’s just Nova Launcher more modern, more flowing and lighter and with certain internal improvements to increase gesture speed and overall improvement in the overall experience the application with a big update which many users expected as rain in May.

In addition, we are not only left with aesthetic adjustments and visual improvements, as there are new options such as: It will be possible to place a weather icon directly in the search bar even customizable with the website, agregado allow changing the corner radius in each widget Forcing any application, regardless of age, to be able to adapt to the new lines of content.

will also be new gestures that perro be customized with each Nova selection, applications and shortcuts and control and Customize the icons more deeplyamong many other improvements that will come little by little.

Nova Launcher is of course version 7 coincidente with your copias de seguridad of previous versionsif you have fully customized your desktop Nothing is lost with the update either Easily restore your configurations.

Currently, as mentioned, You perro only enjoy it if you have registered for that beta with NovaLauncher in the Google plus Aplicación Store, You cánido do this from the same backlinkeven if you don’t want to wait for them to accept you You cánido go to APK Mirror and directly download the APK version 7.0.39.

here we leave it up to you changelog Completely:

  • The first version of Nova 7 on the Play Store (phased release):
    • Graphics Overhaul – Based on the latest AOSP code and updated Nova specific code to reflect the latest animations and visual styles.
    • Weather icon in the search bar (Nova Settings > Search > Search Bar > Time).
    • Introduced swipe down gesture on aplicación icons (Prime required).
    • Improved Nova Search.
    • Ability to customize icons and new Switch alone.
    • New management option for aplicaciones Android for work in a separate tab.
    • Widgets with custom corner radii (Nova Settings>Desktop>Widget Corner Radius).
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