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The most famous speed test “bans” the OnePlus 9 Pro for manipulating the results

The OnePlus 9 Pro limits its performance when running some popular apps, something that has not been frowned upon by GeekBench.

A Research on the techniques used by OnePlus to manage the performance of the 9 Pro carried out by has ended up translating into the from the device database GeekBench, one of the most popular benchmark testing platforms in the industry.

From GeekBench, they allege that said techniques can falsify the result of speed tests, since the OnePlus 9 Pro software is capable of detect which application is running, and thus limit the power depending on the type of app.

Back of the OnePlus 9 Pro silver.

OnePlus limits the performance of the 9 Pro in some popular apps

By thoroughly examining the OnePlus 9 Pro performance, the people of realized that the device software has different performance profiles, which come into play when the software detects that an application is running within a list of apps predefined by OnePlus.

This list consists of popular apps like Chrome, WhatsApp, Zoom, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, or TikTok, among many others. Thus, it has been found that performance is reduced by up to three to four times when using an app within this list. Instead, when using an application that is not in the list, performance increases, since the system enables the use of the high-performance X1 core that includes the Snapdragon 888 SoC built into the phone.

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This leaves us with that, in general, OnePlus 9 Pro users are unable to take full advantage of their device's capabilities, given that OnePlus systematically limits performance when running some of the most popular apps. Performance test apps, such as GeekBench, do not appear to be affected by these measures.

Although OnePlus has not commented on the why of these techniques, everything seems to indicate that the objective is to reduce energy consumption Of the device. The investigations carried out conclude the ing:

We have found that OnePlus is blacklisting popular apps from their fastest cores, causing a slowdown in typical workloads such as web browsing. We have confirmed that (a) benchmarks or (b) unknown applications get the best performance; Most of the popular non-benchmark applications experience markedly reduced performance. This is perhaps to improve battery life at the expense of performance, but it does mean that regular benchmark results are somewhat useless for the user experience.

In any case, from GeekBench they do not look favorably on these practices, and for that reason they have decided remove the OnePlus 9 Pro from your Android device ranking, claiming that “it is disappointing that OnePlus devices make performance decisions based on app identification”, something they consider a “way to manipulate benchmarks.”

Likewise, Primate Labs – the company behind GeekBench – is going to analyze the rest of OnePlus devices with laboratory tests, with the aim of check if these same techniques are repeated. If so, all devices will be removed from your rating.

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