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The most customized Pixel Launcher lands on Google Play: Try Rootless Launcher

The most customized Pixel Launcher lands on Google Play: Try Rootless Launcher

Android has always been about customization, true, but in recent years we’ve seen how pure Android, Unlike many companies’ custom tiers It has evolved to be a benchmark for all.

And for this reason, for some years now, many users have wanted – or wanted – that their terminals, through customization, are like pure Android, not the Samsung, LG or Huawei series. And perhaps one of the launchers that comes closest to this result is Rootless Launcher, which has just arrived on Google plus Play.

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This is a rootless launcher it almost perfectly mimics the aesthetics we recently found on Google plus’s phones, and you just have to look first to see it.

We have the possibility to customize the interfaz, placing the Google plus Now page on the left side of the main desktop and having the notification dots that inform us of the notifications that we have in the application icons themselves. Although in everything related to the number of columns and rows we cánido not get our hands on to preserve the aesthetics of the depósito.

Another detail that we liked is that we will have the possibility to use adaptive Android Oreo icons. as well as using icon paquetes downloaded from Google plus Play.

However, one of the biggest advantages of this launcher is undoubtedly its weight it will only be 6MB of your internal memory, and even if your terminal is weak, thanks to its optimization it will work without any problems. For us it’s one of the best options on Google plus Play at the moment, what are you waiting for to try it?

Download Rootless Launcher for free on Google plus Play