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The latest from OPPO is … a skyscraper

OPPO will build its new “O” -shaped skyscraper in China. This will be your spectacular design.

Located in the Chinese city of Hangzhou, the skyscraper “O-Tower” will serve as a new home for the tech giant's research and development division OPPO. Its design has been carried out by the firm Bjarke Ingels Group, and although it does not have an estimated construction date yet, we have already been able to take a first look at its spectacular design.

It's about a skyscraper with outdoor areas open to the public, and a 10 square kilometer park around it, including a lake.

OPPO's new skyscraper.

This is “O-Tower”, OPPO's new skyscraper in China

The skyscraper stands out for having a quirky circular design. Will be built in the future Hangzhou science and technology city, and it will undoubtedly be one of the jewels of this new area.

According to those in charge of the project, its shape is intended to increase the amount of natural light incoming in the different offices that will exist inside. They also explain that it will be an economically, ecologically and socially sustainable building.

New OPPO headquarters

The headquarters of OPPO's research and development division will be in “O-Tower”.

In its lower part will be the exhibition areas and conference rooms, as well as a dining room for employees and visitors. In the upper areas, there will be Offices and research laboratories.

The “O” tower is not the only project of its kind that OPPO has embarked on in recent years. Currently, the new headquarters of the company, made up of four different towers, are under construction in Shenzhen city, and the work is scheduled to finish sometime in 2025.

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