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The iPhone SE 2020, Apple’s Trojan Horse to defeat Android, is working like a charm

The 2020 iPhone is still a great option today.

Although here we are very fans of Android terminals, we are not going to deny that the competition is not bad either. Although there are not few detractors that exist, iPhones are always a best seller. Not only are they pretty, but their performance is excellent regardless of the years that pass.

However, it is also true that the phones of the bitten apple are not suitable for all pockets. Hence, Apple launched a somewhat cheaper phone on the market but no less powerful. A “high-end” phone at a fairly contained price. The objective? Attract the more Android users the better. And the truth is that the plan has worked out like a charm.

The iPhone SE 2020 has caused a massive exodus of Android users to iOS

The iPhone SE has caused many Android users to cross over.

We have repeated on more than one occasion that Apple users are much more loyal than Android users. The latter do not mind changing the brand … and even the operating system. But since not everyone can afford to spend nearly $ 1,000 on an iPhone, the perfect alternative is the iPhone SE 2020.

The reasons to buy this device from Apple are not few. Power, price content, support and updates for years … All this has achieved that there are not a few Android users who have gone to the dark side.

As we read on 9to5mac, Tim Cook has reviewed the latest financial figures from Apple and acknowledges that he could not be more pleased. IPhones are a real bestseller And the key is that for the CEO of Apple there is an iPhone for each type of user.

I have tried to use an Android as the main mobile but Apple has not let me

Whoever wants a high-end can opt for the iPhone 12 Pro, whoever wants to spend a little less can go for an iPhone 12 or iPhone 11 and there is even an entry-level range, the aforementioned iPhone SE from 2020. A phone of less than 500 euros that is positioned as one of the best options in the mid-range, much better than other Android rivals of similar prices. Smartphone that according to Apple continues to sell extremely well in many markets, even in places where Android usually rules.

Therefore, Apple's strategy has been round. The iPhone SE 2020 is one of the best options in its segment and is that whoever wants a powerful, compact phone with years and years of support and updates, you won't find anything better.

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