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The iPhone SE 2 has been confirmed, does it make sense to ask for such a mobile on Android?

iphone 5s touch id

The main differences that we can find between iOS and Android –operation, support, updates–, if you think about it, come from the hand of the smartphone manufacturers. Mobile phones with iOS are only manufactured by Apple, it has full control, while there are an infinity of manufacturers that are dedicated to the Android world. This, in the end, it means that there is a lot more diversity in the market, and that is something we really like.

However, traditionally, some Android users have always missed terminals such as the iPhone SE or the Xperia Compact, high-end smartphones but in a small format. It's been a while since the iPhone SE was released, and now, as you can read on iPadizate, its second version has been confirmed, But, does it make sense that we look for such a mobile on Android?

Sony Xperia Xz2 Compact, rear

No, it no longer makes sense to order an iPhone SE with Android

Times change, and trends in the market as well, and, as is more than remarkable, in Android the average size of the screens has increased a lot, becoming standardized at around 5.5 inches. What used to be a huge mobile, wow.

This evolution comes from the reduction of the frames, as well as the 18: 9 aspect ratio of the panels, which means that, although the screen size increases, the body of the same does not. And this, precisely, It is one of the reasons why we think that it no longer makes sense to order mobile phones with a small screen –Not the same as compact– on Android.

Xperia X Compact

If you think about it, the 5 inches, which was the most normal thing before, have become small screens, and this is good as long as it is not a question of making mobiles with frames that look like a tennis court. And, if you compare a Samsung Galaxy S8 or an iPhone X with a 5-inch terminal, you will see that they occupy practically the same, with the difference of the frames.

Therefore, we think that right now we don't need smartphones with the smallest screen, but terminals with the same screen, but fewer frames. Although, if these did not even appear it would not be any drama either, the 5 inches has been standardized as a small size, and custom has made us used to these sizes not being annoying. That is, right now it makes no sense to order mobile phones like this with Android