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The iOS 12 feature that Apple will copy to Android P

Android P, the latest version available for our operating system – yes, in the Developer Preview phase -, It's the best thing that could happen to our phones in a long time. The system will focus on bringing great improvements that we already collect for you, and that include a better battery management system, new animations, great redesign and functionalities related to the new concept of .

This year, manufacturers and developers seem to be concerned about the time we spend on our phones, and They will begin to implement measures so that we use the devices less throughout the day. The first mobile operating system to introduce this concept has been Android, although it seems that Apple will borrow some ideas from the initial idea that Google had.

iOS 12 will copy the Android P Dashboard

The iOS 12 feature that Apple will copy to Android P

Android P will introduce a great novelty, the Dashboard. This will be a function that will allow us know how much time a day we dedicate to an application. A good idea to realize the hours that we are using our apps, in order to try to reduce them as much as possible. As we can read in The Verge, Apple would integrate in iOS 12 a Dashboard similar to Android P, a function that would allow us to analyze the screen time that we are using our applications.

It is not the first novelty that Apple will copy 3 great novelties of Android P, such as the black theme -implemented by some manufacturers-, the Always On Display mode and grouped notifications. As usual, All the news that iOS will bring this 2018, we have already seen them on Android, and we already know that iOS stands out for fluidity and stability, but not for the functions.

It remains then, wait for iOS 12 to see the light, a system that has a lot of work ahead of it, since iOS 11 has arrived with some performance and stability problems that this new version should improve.