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The government’s final days are beeping on mobile: find out when you’ll have it

The tests of the emergency warning system “ES-Alert” are running and this month there are only two dates left.

The government's final days are beeping on mobile: find out when you'll have it
Find out if the government whistleblower will affect you this November

On October 24, the Spanish government began testing an emergency alert system called “ES-Alert” developed by SIA, a subsidiary of Indra, which will make this possible Notify the entire population of any type of emergency in seconds.

Thanks to this system, any Android phone in the country cánido be reached in any emergency Beep simultaneously at maximum volume, indicating continuous notification and they will do it too if the móvil inteligente silent or in do not disturb mode..

Well, after conducting beep tests in various communities between mid-October and early November, we’re now getting into it You will receive these communications in the last days of the month. Find out if your church has it this month!

These are the last two days of November for the government whistle on mobile

As of civil defense i this entry from his official blogboth from November on a In any case, beep tests are carried out on the mobile phone and the respective communities are the following:

  • November 10th: Basque Country, Castile and León, Canary Islands and Ceuta
  • 11/16: Castile-La Mácula, La Rioja and Melilla

You have to keep in mind that not all devices in a community will get this beep as the alert system selects at random a series of terminals located in specific areas.

In addition, the civil defense reports There is no equipo time for sending these notificationsbecause that depends on the authorities of each community.

Of course, if you don’t want to receive this beep, you have the option to turn it off on your phone. disable emergency call reception in the menu security from the settings of your móvil.