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The Google Pixel 6 XL would have an “ultra tele” camera with a 5x zoom

The camera of the new Pixel looks better and better: everything indicates that the Google Pixel 6 XL will have a telephoto with 5x zoom.

The third beta version of Android 12 is now available, and in addition to long-awaited news such as the scrolling screenshots or a smart screen rotation system, the new version has also revealed some other details about the new Google Pixel 6.

What have indicated in , the new version of Android 12 includes a updated version of the Google camera app, which not only includes support for the Material You dynamic theme engine: in your code, the camera features of the new Google smartphone.

The supposed design of the Google Pixel 6, in various colors.

Three cameras and 5x zoom on the Pixel 5 XL

One of the most recent leaks on the new Pixel 6 indicated that the “Pro” model – which Google later renamed the Pixel 6 XL – would have a total of three cameras behind him, including a 50 megapixel main sensor, a 48-megapixel telephoto camera, and a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle sensor.

Now, examining the Google camera app code version 8.2.400, it has been possible to verify that there are more than enough indications to determine that telephoto sensor of the Pixel 6 XL would offer a 5x zoom mode, which Google calls “ultra tele”

Developer has also found evidence that points to the inclusion of a 4.3x true optical zoom on the Pixel 6 XL –model with the code name “raven” – which Google would probably round up to 5x using a digital cutout, in the same way that it already happened with the Pixel 4 and its 1.6x optical zoom that Google advertised as 2x zoom.

According to device renders seen so far, this “ultra tele” camera would use a periscope type lens similar to what we have already seen in other competing models, to be able to reach this zoom level without affecting the thickness of the device.

Slowly, more and more details of the Google Pixel 6 are coming to the surface, either through leaks or through the own clues that Google is dropping along the way. What is clear by now is that Google seems to intend to return to the high-end segment with its new generation of devices.

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