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The games coming to Stadia, Google’s “Netflix of video games”: Doom, NBA 2K and more

. Thus announced Google its new platform, Stadia, with which it intends to completely revolutionize the video game sector, offering a streaming service from which you can play the best titles on any device, whether it is a mobile, computer, tablet or television with Chromecast, as long as it has an Internet connection, at a resolution up to 4K and 60 FPS with support for HDR.

But, What games can be played through Google Stadia? This has probably been the question that has been repeated the most throughout the presentation of the new Google service, and that is that a video game streaming platform is of little use, if there are no video games.

Fortunately, the search engine company has partnered with some of the major developer companies, in addition to creating its own exclusive video game development studio for Stadia. Beyond that, during the presentation some clues were given about the games that would be available on Stadia once its release occurs sometime this year.

Doom: Eternal, Assassin's Creed Odyssey and other games coming to Stadia

Games on Stadia

The first confirmed title, not only by Google but also by the company in charge of its development is Doom: Eternal. This new installment of the famous saga of in first person, it will arrive on the Google streaming video game platform as well as on other consoles such as PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, and upon arrival it will offer a gaming experience to 4K and 60 resolution per second

Throughout the conference, Google has also shown snippets of by Stadia, which gave us clues about other games that could come to the platform. Beyond Assassin's Creed Oddysey, which was the game used by Google in the Stadia testing phase when it was still known as Project Stream, everything points to titles like Y They will also be part of the Stadia catalog.

Unfortunately, none of these three titles have been confirmed by Google or their corresponding developer companiesAlthough the truth is that it would be strange if Google had decided to use fragments of games that will not be available to advertise its platform. Either way, we hope that the company will provide more information regarding the games available on Stadia, as well as their price and availability over the next few weeks.