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The founder of Microsoft uses Android and these are his reasons for it

Who said that Android is poor? Bill Gates himself uses an Android smartphone as his personal mobile.

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Some years ago, Bill Gates claimed to have decided to  move  from the iPhone to Android. Some time later from that moment, the co-founder of Microsoft and former richest man on the planet, has  offered an interview  in which he has once again  reiterated his preference for the Google operating system .

As Gates explained, although  from time to time he uses iPhones  since, in his words, “he tries to be aware of everything”, the truth is that the mobile that spends the most time in his pocket is a  device with Android inside .

Bill Gates uses Android

Bill Gates has confirmed that his main mobile is an Android.

The reasons why Bill Gates uses an Android mobile

During the interview, Gates was asked  what his motives were for using Android instead of iOS , and if they were somehow related to the  never-ending fight between Microsoft and Apple .

In that sense, although the co-founder of Microsoft and creator of Windows decided not to get into the controversy, he did explain that the decision of some manufacturers to pre –  install Microsoft software on their Android terminals  “makes things easier”. Because of these signs, and because of Microsoft's good relationship with Samsung, I am very afraid that in Bill Gates's pocket is one of the latest mobiles in the Galaxy series.

Plus, it flatters  Android's flexibility  in the way services connect to the operating system.

“Well, some of the Android makers pre-install Microsoft software in a way that makes things easier for me, and they are more flexible in how the software connects to the operating system, so I got used to that.”

Curiously, the interview was carried out through Clubhouse, the fashion social network that, to this day, is not available on Android and only has a version for iOS devices.

In the past, Gates indicated that, if Microsoft had done things right, perhaps Windows Mobile would have come to be on top of Android today. In fact, he regrets having let Google's operating system escape and claims that it was the biggest mistake in his history at the helm of Microsoft.