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The first known problems of Android 7.0 Nougat affect the camera and battery

Unless you live under a stone, you will know that Android 7.0 Nougat has already been released to the world and that it can already be installed on various devices – Nexus, of course. Well, just like the first versions and the first installations arrive the first bug reports arrive, and it seems that Nougat has something for everyone.

Today we are going to leave you the first known problems, and the most serious, that Android Nougat is causing in the terminals, mainly in the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P. Go ahead this is something normal considering that the Android 7.0 version is quite young and it has a lot to polish, so don't think that this will always be the case. In time it will fix itself.

Slower fingerprint scanner on Nexus 6P

Nexus 6p vs S7 Edge

Although it is a minor error, the truth is that it is there. Simply when we put our finger on the fingerprint scanner it takes us longer to feel the vibration when the phone is unlocked. It's still fast, but not like before. As they point out, the problem is not solved by registering the fingerprints again, but it will be fixed in future versions.

An empty folder is created for each photo

This error is curious. If you take a photo with the camera application that the system brings, the application creates an empty folder with the name of the photo. If you delete the photo, the folder is deleted, but if you delete the folder, the photo stays. This error had already been seen during the previous ,

Abnormal battery consumption

Some users report that “Android System” and “Android OS” consume more battery than the screen itself. Google is already aware and says it will fix it in future versions, but little else. However, it is not a failure that affects everyone, since there are people who are having a better battery than with Marhsmallow.

Problems in the System UI Tuner

Customize Android 7.0 Nougat browser bar

Some users are reporting that this access, which allows modifications to the Android Nougat system interface, is also buggy. Apparently, if an application makes a modification using the , This is and prevents another application from making further modifications. On the other hand, some users report the double icon appearance, although they disappear after a reboot.

Unstable WiFi on the Nexus 5X

Some Nexus 5X users claim that have certain problems with the WiFi connection, suffering sporadic disconnections and not being able to connect to certain WiFi networks.

At the moment these are the Major glitches Android 7.0 is causing on the terminals that can install the system image. It is not an official update, since this will arrive via OTA. It is assumed that when this version arrives, all those problems will be fixed, but for now we can only wait.