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The European mobile market, at least in the middle ranges, still struggles

According to Counterpoint Research, the European mobile market is defined in high ranges, but in the medium cut there is still a lot to peel between the different manufacturers.

Whenever quarters are exceeded, the studies of different consultancies on a mobile market that in the year of the pandemic suffered the biggest hit in its history, but that apparently continues to wage war at least in the most compensated price ranges where the majority of sales are concentrated.

At least this is what emerges from the latest data published by Counterpoint Research, which reveal a tough battle in the mid-range by making a study of mobile sales between $ 250 and $ 499, on the one hand, and those from 500 to 699 dollars on the other hand, which in the end are the cuts in which we could consider the mid-range and the misnamed mid-range .

The mobile market continues to present a battle, at least in the middle ranges.

The first thing to note that Huawei's practical disappearance after the veto of Donald Trump, and this is something important because the Shenzhen giant already shared a good part of the cake behind Samsung and Apple, sales that have now been distributed by firms of your competition among the smartphones with the best quality / price ratio as they are Xiaomi, OPPO, OnePlus, realme or vivo.

Huawei's disappearance from the European mobile market is already evident, and with its sales now spread across a lot of Chinese manufacturers, it seems that competition in the mid-range is assured at least for the next few years.

The best mid-range mobiles of 2021

Going into the matter, we see that in the range from 250 to 499 dollars There is almost no Huawei with OnePlus, OPPO and, above all, Xiaomi eating their sales figures, and without Apple having the opportunity to access to this market of more basic devices, because at these prices those of Cupertino still only sell the iPhone SE 2020 in its least performance memory configuration.

It is obvious that Apple always has a pull, and surely the 2020 graph will reflect the recent appearance of that basic version of the iPhone, which in 2021 it has lost steam and has not had a relief under $ 500 for the next-generation family of iPhones.

Comparative counterpoint mid-range 2021

This is how sales remain, in a year-on-year comparison, in the average ranges of the mobile market.

If we go up a step, we will see how Between $ 500 and $ 699 mobiles, Samsung has grown the most, together with Xiaomi itself, with a obvious shrinkage for Apple that here it does have the most attractive memory capacities of the iPhone SE 2020 and some models of the iPhone XR, in addition to the lower capacity iPhone 11 in some specific offers.

In this range Huawei numbers remain a bit, probably also due to the offers of operators to withdraw from its warehouses, while it seems that in Cupertino its success is defined more in the cuts around or above 1,000 euros.

Be that as it may, It is confirmed that there is a battle left and that Huawei's fall into hell has encouraged the industry, and curiously in particular to other compatriot manufacturers that now seek to grow in Europe with terminals of the best quality / price ratio. And we who rejoice, because the competition was never bad By increasing the choice of users, it improves the quality of terminals at similar prices and, above all, Now that 5G is here, it will offer the possibility to more people to access to next-generation connectivity.

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