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The club of cameras with crazy mechanisms has a new member: this is the rotating camera that ZTE has patented

The major smartphone manufacturers are in search of technology to achieve an all screen smartphone. One of the most popular mechanics in recent months is the rotating cameras, which have already been seen on devices such as ASUS Zenfone 6 or the Samsung Galaxy A80. Now the club of the cameras with crazy mechanisms has a new member: this is the rotary camera that ZTE has patented.

ZTE wants to continue its strategy of offering a smartphone with a distinctive factor, which is why it has filed a design patent for a future smartphone with a peculiar rotating camera module, as reported from 91mobiles. At the moment it's just a patent, so it must be taken as such, since the phone may not see the light or do it in a completely different way.

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The patent shows a rotary camera setup with the lens and headset on one side, while the other side is a small rectangular display panel. A mechanism that aims maximize screen-to-body ratio of the future smartphone of the firm.

A rotating camera with a display module

zte patent rotary camera

In the same way, this new patent also suggests that the rotary module would be equipped with a series of sensors that would be able to locate the user's ear, allowing the headset to maneuver so that the audio output from it can be heard clearly, regardless of the terminal angle.

For the moment further information and details unknown about this mysterious ZTE smartphone, as only one image of said patent has been leaked. Now we just have to wait for the company to officially announce whether the patent becomes a reality or not.