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The brick mobile is back thanks to this Chinese brand

Brick mobiles are back.

Do you remember when cell phones of yesteryear did not fit in your pants pocket? Today mobile devices have contained sizes and the thickness of these is just a few millimeters, but years, many years ago, the terminals could weigh up to a kilo.

Of course, these terminals were not comfortable to use, but they are forgiven because they were the first models on the market. What doesn't make sense is that now a brand comes along and wants to resurrect these horrible designs. No, we are not kidding. So go joining the gym that this Chinese brand wants to make brick mobiles fashionable again.

Would you buy a brick mobile?

Do you remember the mobile bricks?

As we read on the Gizmochina web portal, AGM is a popular Chinese rugged phone brand that has just introduced a terminal that will not leave anyone indifferent. While all brands are betting on making thin phones, this manufacturer comes along and does the opposite, throw a device that does not fit in the pocket of any pants.

We could call them mobile bricks and they populated the earth years, many years ago. We do not know the reasons why AGM wants to recover this design although we are sure that it will not be to the liking of many. You only have to see the advertising poster to realize that the mobile will not be small at all and much less light.


The past is back.

Now, the phone will have a physical keyboard and everything indicates that it will be a smartphone since will include popular applications such as TikTok or WeChat.

Unfortunately the firm has not given many more details. We do not know price and release date. Now, of one thing we are sure, that this terminal will not break when falling to the ground … it looks to be really resistant!

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