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The best new games and apps for Android (LXII)

Close to saying goodbye to 2018, we do not miss our appointment one more week to select the best apps and best games for Android that have recently arrived in the Google Play catalog. During the 62 installments that this section already has, we have chosen the best novelties in the categories of apps and games for Android, so that they do not go unnoticed and can get the attention they deserve from users and fans of the operating system of Google.

In order not to break the streak, we return one more Friday, selecting the three best apps and the three best games that just hit Google Play and that we have discovered throughout these last days.

Best apps of the week for Android

Microsoft Hummingbird

In the middle of this week, Microsoft released Hummingbird, a new news app for Android. Although there are hundreds of apps to stay informed on Google Play, Microsoft's option bases its operation on artificial intelligence, selecting those topics and articles that may most interest users.

Beyond its usefulness, the truth is that the app has a very careful and intuitive design –As the company has us used to–, and without a doubt it is worth giving it a try. At the moment, it is only available in some countries, but it is possible to download the Microsoft Hummingbird APK executable file safely via APKMirror.

Google Play | Microsoft HummingbirdAPKMirror | Microsoft Hummingbird

Bottom Quick Settings

With phones with ever-growing screens, it is almost mandatory to use apps that make our lives easier when using them with one hand. One of the latest to arrive is Bottom Quick Settings, and as its name suggests, it is a tool that take quick settings to the bottom of the interface, so that they are accessible at all times. The app also allows you to customize any parameter related to the appearance or the shortcuts that are displayed.

Google Play | Bottom Quick Settings

Plus beat

Ambient Display on the OnePlus 6T

If you have bought the OnePlus 6T, or were thinking of doing it, this app interests you. For some reason, the latest terminal from the Chinese company lacks notification LEDs, and also does not include an Always on Display mode as other terminals of the competition do. Plus Beat is an app that is responsible for alleviating the lack of these two functions, through “pulses” of notifications that will appear on the terminal screen when it is off, so that at a glance it is possible to see the new available warnings

Google Play | Plus beat

Best Android Games of the Week

Brawl stars

It was, without a doubt, one of the most anticipated mobile games of the year, and it is finally among us. Brawl Stars, the latest creation from the developers of Clash Royale arrived on Android this week, with the aim of bringing together millions of players from around the world in intense 3 vs 3 battles. In his introductory article we already told you everything you need to know about the latest from Supercell.

Google Play | Brawl stars

Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile for Android

Another of the great anticipated of 2018 was Call of duty mobile, and this week debuted in some countries of the world. The first first-person shooter of the famous saga is finally on Android, with the same mechanics as the rest of the console titles, and some of the most iconic maps of the saga.

Since its global launch has not yet officially occurred, it is necessary to follow a few steps to install the game:

APKMirror | Call of Duty Mobile

This is the Police

Eclipsed by the other two releases, but certainly just as expected and important is the release of This is The Police. This famous adventure that was successful in its desktop version, now comes to Android to immerse ourselves in a deep history of corruption, crime and intrigue.

Google Play | This is the Police