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The best new games and apps for Android (LVII)

The best new games and apps for Android (LVII)

We have already selected 57 weeks The best aplicaciones and the best new games for Android. Every Friday, before welcoming the weekend, we travel to the aplicación store of our favorite operating system in search of the latest that has arrived on Google plus Play and without a doubt we deserve our attention.

On this occasion, as always, we voted top three new aplicaciones and top three new gamesAmong them the renewed version of the famous Ingress, the predecessor of Pokémon GO, and with some tools that will be very useful for more than one person.

The best aplicaciones of the week for Android for free


Those users who have been on Android for a while are probably familiar with Titanium Copia de seguridad. Until recently it was the best application when it came to making complete copia de seguridad copies of our device before changing the ROM. However, his reign may soon come to an end, and all because of Migration.

This aplicación was created by a member of the Conradh na Gaeilge community XDA developer, Probably the best Titanium Copia de seguridad alternative out there. This makes it easy to create complete copias de seguridad and restore them even faster and easier after a ROM change: three comburente recovery packages.

Google plus Play | migration

Aplicación Call of Duty Companion

When you bought the new one Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 or if you want to do this soon, You need the new Activision aplicación for Android that just landed on Google plus Play. This will make it possible to find information about our games, statistics, weapon data and much more.

Google plus Play | Aplicación Call of Duty Companion

Neat panel

Nobody likes seeing their Android’s notification panel full of icons and notifications that, in some cases, don’t even have anything useful to tell us. The mission of Neat panel To avoid these situations, Clear the notification panel so you never see unnecessary notifications. And not only is it able to hide notifications from installed aplicaciones, but it will also be able to get rid of those system alerts y también.g. B. those that indicate that an aplicación is running in the background.

Google plus Play | Neat panel

Best games of the week for android free

Main entrance

It’s the first of our picks for the best Android games of the week Main entrance. Niantic’s gaming predecessor, Pokémon GO, got the biggest update in its history this week, and it’s practically about that a whole new game.

As always, Jugadores explore the real world through a virtual windowand choose which of the two warring factions to join before continuing their battles.

Google plus Play | Main entrance

Tesla degrees

It may be unfamiliar to many, but Teslagrad is one of the best games coming to Android in this final stretch of the year. It is about a A platform title full of rompecabezas whose main attraction is a visual element meticulous to the smallest detail thanks to its hand-drawn graphics.

In the game, We accompany a young man on his adventure through the city of Teslagradleading him to his goal of overthrowing the evil king of the kingdom of Electopia.

Google plus Play | Tesla degrees (4.89 euros 6.99)

cat woman

Based on a famous card game, Cat Lady now comes to Android so we cánido play with up to 4 friends in the same game, where the goal is to find as many cats as possible and take good care of them and feed them at all times. The player with the most points wins.

Google plus Play |

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