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The best new games and applications for Android (LXXV)

The week in which we have been able to attend the presentation of the new Huawei P30 and Huawei P30 Pro comes to an end, and even with the hangover of the launch we do not forget one of our favorite sections. As we've been doing every Friday for the last 75 weeks, we dive headfirst into Google Play in search of the best applications and the best games that have come to Android in recent days, with the aim of giving them the recognition they deserve despite being newcomers to the immense catalog of the Google app store.

This time, it's time to welcome useful applications such as the latest tool from the creators of the Mozilla Firefox browser, and games like Grand Mountain Adventure, the first open world ski game for mobile.

Best apps of the week for Android

Firefox Lockbox


This week, the company behind the famous Firefox browser brought us Lockbox, its own password manager. This tool, mainly aimed at all those who already use Mozilla Firefox, allows you to access and manage all the passwords stored in the browser through a separate application.

Passwords are stored safely, and to access them it will be possible use an unlock PIN, or fingerprint –As long as the device has the sensor–. It also offers options such as the ability to set a timer to automatically lock the app, or quickly copy the username and password to authenticate with any of the stored services.

Google Play | Firefox Lockbox

DNG Processor

Created by the same developer in charge of bringing Rootless Launcher to life, DNG Processor came to Google Play just a few days ago promising to improve the photos captured with our mobile automatically. To do this, according to its creator, waits until RAW images are captured by the native camera app, and then processes them in the background. For this, it relies on the graphical power of the phone, and it is possible to obtain photographs with more detail and a higher dynamic range. To demonstrate its capabilities, the developer himself offers us several examples of captures taken with different mobiles using the app.

In that sense, its creator states that using this application can be a more recommended solution than resorting to the modified APK of the Google camera app, since when processing images in the background, there are no nor stability problems as it happens with when using Google Camera on devices that are not prepared for it.

Google Play | DNG Processor

Zero Fasting Tracker


After a period of exclusivity on iOS, Zero Fasting Tracker comes to Android. It is one of the best tools with which to control and monitor our fasting habits, following the recommendations of experts and with the possibility of choosing which fasting technique you want to use.

Automatically, the app generates reports with our statistics, as well as adding notes to the diary or editing the start and end times of each period.

Google Play | Zero – Fasting Tracker

Best Android Games of the Week

Grand Mountain Adventure

I have to admit that it is one of the best mobile games of 2019. Grand Mountain Adventure is an open world ski game, where you can explore up to five different resorts, made up of huge maps created with care and full of detail.

The game, which we have already discussed in more detail, can be downloaded for free, although to unlock all the worlds you will have to make a payment of 4.99 euros.

Google Play | Grand Mountain Adventure

The Elder Scrolls: Blades

The Elder Scrolls: Blades begins its early access period on Android

Another top-notch title that just hit Android is The Elder Scrolls: Blades. It is the last title in the famous saga created by Bethesda, which despite being still in its early access period, is now available to download on Google Play, and during the next weeks invitations will be sent to play to all those who decide to download it.

We are facing a role-playing game in the first person, where we are offered the possibility of explore a great medieval world giving life to one of the members of the Blades, and enter intense missions full of battles and dungeons to investigate.

Google Play | The Elder Scrolls: Blades

FoxyLand 2

The last game of this week's selection is FoxyLand 2, the second installment of the successful adventure game starring the fox Foxy. On this occasion, the protagonist has acquired a new home with his family, but an evil enemy has managed to kidnap his children and the goal will, of course, be to get them back and spoil the evil plan of Duke and his brother Jax.

Google Play | FoxyLand 2 (2.19 euros)