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The best new games and applications for Android (LXXIV)

With part of the world celebrating the entrance of spring, here we are one more Friday in our search for the best launches in applications and games for Android in recent days. Like every week since the last 74, we examine the best news that have landed in the app store, and we select the best new creations from the developers that bring Google Play to life.

This week, starring Google and its new streaming video game platform, Stadia, We welcome the new launcher created by Xiaomi along with other applications, and long-awaited games such as NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits.

Best apps of the week for Android

Mint Launcher

Xiaomi Redmi GO, launcher

As you already did with your web browser application, Xiaomi has launched this week Mint Launcher, your application to replace the home screen of any Android.

It has an appearance that follow the MIUI style lines, the software of Xiaomi devices, and includes interesting options such as the possibility to change the appearance and size of the icons, hide applications, customizable transitions and much more. Although at the moment it is not available to everyone on Google Play, it is possible to download the executable APK file of the app via APKMirror.

Google Play | Mint Launcher

Hidey Hole (for Galaxy S10 series)

Bender Fund

If you liked the wallpapers of Bender, Wall-E and other characters for the Galaxy S10, you will be happy to know that this week it has arrived on Google Play Hidey Hole, the application that houses the best wallpapers adapted to the hole on the screen of the Galaxy S10, S10e or S10 +.

Google Play | Hidey hole

substratum lite theme engine

Andromeda on Android Oreo

The creators of the famous custom theme engine for Android, Substratum, have recently launched a reduced version of their great tool, simpler, but above all more stable.

It allows modify the default theme in Android 7, 8 and 9, and even on those devices with the Android Q beta as long as they have superuser permissions. All this, without the advanced tools that the most powerful version of this engine incorporates.

Google Play | Substratum Lite

Best Android Games of the Week

NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits

The first game of this week's selection is NyxQuest, a great adventure game in which we accompany Nyx, a traveler who crosses the ruins of ancient Greece in search of his friend Icarus.

To do this, you will have to take advantage of Nyx's powers, such as the possibility of throw lightning, control the wind or fire.

Google Play | NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits

Golf Peaks

Probably, the best minimalist golf game for Android you have ever tried. This is a puzzle title with more than 100 puzzles, in which you will have to use the movement cards offered to get the ball to the hole.

Google Play | Golf Peaks (3.09 euros)

Yume nikki

Originally released for PC in 2004, Yume Nikki is an adventure game where you have to explore the dreams of a , full of terrifying creatures in a surreal world.

Google Play | Yume Nikki (3.89 euros)