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The best Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas wallpapers for mobile

If you ask us about the best video games of the wonderful PlayStation 2, one of those that are among the top five on the list it's probably Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. This Rockstar Games game is not only one of the best in the series, but it was a revolution in the world of video games.

Thanks to its incredible graphics –for the time–, a huge map, its total freedom and the infinity of missions and activities that could be done, It was not strange that we spent hours and hours in front of the television without doing anything other than exploring its world full of details. From fighting with rival gangs, sowing terror with our missile launcher or stealing a combat fighter. Who does not remember all this?

Install the best Grand Theft Auto wallpapers for your smartphone

There are video games that will always be in the memory of the most gamers and without a doubt San Andreas is one of them. We will control good old CJ, a good guy away from the world of violence and drugs who returns to his hometown because of the death of his mother. Once in his neighborhood, he will see how the gang members control him, so he will have no choice but to resolve the conflict.

Well, although the game has its years, we understand that it is always a good time to remember it and incidentally install some other wallpaper on our mobile phone, just like we can do with another game in the saga, Grand Theft Auto V.

Remember that to play this San Andreas again we have several options. One is to dust off our old PlayStation 2 and pray it keeps working. The other is to buy it in the Google application store for only 7.99 euros and enjoy it on our smartphone and tablet anytime, anywhere.