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The best free launcher for Android is updated for the first time after almost a year

It’s been almost a year since its last update, but it’s still one of the best free launchers out there on Android.

Some time ago I myself said of him that he had become the perfect replacement for Nova Launcher. And for the last few years, Lawnchair Launcher has been increasing its user base until it ends up being what today is, for many, the best totally free launcher for Android.

But about a year ago, the developers of this open source project decided take a break and temporarily stop its development. Now, almost twelve months later, a new group of people has taken the reins of Lawnchair, and it is possible. download a new version of the free and fully customizable launcher.

Lawnchair Launcher on a Samsung mobile.

Lawnchair is back

Through a publication in the official Telegram channel of the project the return of Lawnchair Launcher, accompanied by not one, but two new versions that can now be downloaded and installed for free on Android devices.

According to the new group of developers, Lawnchair will be based on the latest version of AOSP’s native launcher, Launcher3, with all the news and improvements implemented by Google.

To this must be added all the changes and customization options typical of Lawnchair, including the possibility of add blur effects to different elements of the interface.

On the other hand, the new Lawnchair version scheme. From now on, the version number represents the Android version the launcher is based on – thus, Lawnchair 10 is based on the Android 12 launcher version. In this way, it should be easier know which is the most suitable version for our device depending on the version of the system being used.

These early versions are intended for fix problems and bugs that had been accumulating with the passage of months since the arrival of the latest version almost a year ago. Also, compatibility with Android 11 is improved.

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