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The best cordless landlines you can buy

Since you don't use your smartphone to talk on the phone, get one of these wireless landlines at the best price so you don't lose the habit.

While smartphones are still phones for calling and texting, increasingly used for other tasks like surfing the internet, taking pictures, and even playing video games. Even so, cordless landlines are still important in many homes to communicate using the flat rate of calls offered by many operators.

If this device is still used in your home, we bring you a selection of the best wireless landlines to talk on the phone. Why is a phone not good for talking?

These are the best cordless landlines for home.

Top best wireless landlines

As with other technological devices, there are wireless landlines for all tastes. We have made a varied selection based on design, functionality and price. If you need a new home wireless landline, take a look at these models.

  • Panasonic KX-TGK210
  • Gigaset A270
  • SPC Art
  • Gigaset AS405
  • Philips Dect T Duo
  • Motorola C1003LB + Trio
  • Alcatel F530
  • Panasonic KX-TG1611
  • swissvoice Xtra 2155

Panasonic KX-TGK210

Available in black and white, this Panasonic KX-TGK210 wireless landline has a very elegant and minimalist design. Together with their base unit, they form a device that becomes a decoration element for your home. In addition, this model has 1.5 inch white backlight LCD screen in which you can view the number you call, the duration of the call, the remaining battery or the time, for example.

It has caller ID, phonebook for 50 contacts, do not disturb mode and call blocker to prevent telemarketing numbers from bothering you. The battery of this Panasonic wireless landline can last up to 200 hours idle. If you want to take it further, you just have to activate the Eco mode to reduce energy consumption.

Gigaset A270

This beautiful cordless landline phone is available in black, but it's not precisely the design that makes it stand out. Does it for have everything you need in a phone of this type at a more than interesting price. First of all, it has an extensive agenda in which you can save up to 80 contacts.

In addition, it has a 1.5 inch backlit display so you can see the information even when there is no light, and an easy and fast installation to start using it in a few seconds. It also has an incoming caller ID and a large battery, as it can reach 18 hours of conversation without going through the charging base.


This time we bring you something more different, because it is a cordless landline phone couple that you can install at home. Both are very simple models, with a black design and made of plastic. Each of them has phonebook with capacity for 20 numbers of phone.

You can know who is calling you thanks to identifier, and find out what the last calls have been with the List of up to 20 calls received and another 10 calls made. These two phones also have free hands, so you can continue with the call even if you cannot hold the device in your hands.

Gigaset AS405

Another good terminal from Gigaset is this Gigaset AS405, with many features to highlight. The first of these is its screen, which grows until 1.8 inches and is backlit so you can see the data in the dark. Also, you can set the size of letters and numbers so they look bigger on screen. It is also attractive its design, in white and compact size.

Another point in favor of this wireless landline phone is its agenda, with the possibility of save up to 100 contacts. It's also hands-free, so you don't have to have your phone right next to you to communicate. Offers various sound profiles, so you can know who is calling you just by listening to the tone.

Philips Dect T Duo

Another one of those smartphones with unbeatable value for money. This time we are talking about a model from a leading brand in the sector, Philips, which has managed to create a spectacular design for this Dect T Duo, almost artistic. Two units come in the pack, both with an LCD screen where you can see all the information.

These Philips phones have phonebook for 50 contacts, and they also let you know who is calling you via caller ID. Among its features we also find hands-free and high quality sound so you can hear the conversation perfectly.

Motorola C1003LB + Trio

Another option on the market is this Motorola C1003LB + Trio, which comes in a pack of three equal units. They are very compact in size, which makes them very comfortable to use. Although for their price they may seem inferior, the truth is that they are very complete models, with phonebook for 50 contacts, caller ID and hands-free.

You can choose from 10 ringer melodies, and also communicate with other family members who are at home through them. As a plus, they also have Call transference among them. There is also the LED display, the record of the last 40 calls and the ECO mode to reduce transmission power and energy consumption.

Alcatel F530

This Alcatel F530 is a good cordless phone for little money. First of all, it has a beautiful white design with light blue lines. That color is the backlight of the screen, in which you can see with good contrast who is calling you, the battery level or the call log. Not missing the free hands so you can get on with other tasks while talking on the phone.

In this wireless landline we also find phonebook for 50 contacts, with the possibility of associate specific tones with each number So you know who is calling you just by sound, there are 10 ringtones available. Also, in the call log you can see the last 20 issues, very useful to discover who called you when you were away from home.

Panasonic KX-TG1611

The Panasonic KX-TG1611 phone has very interesting features for its price. First of all, we talk about its design, which gives you the option to choose between several colors: black, black and red, and blue and white, among others. Integrate a small LCD screen which is backlit in amber, and is also compatible with caller ID.

You can save up to 50 numbers in its memory, and use its navigation key to move between the different menus. Its battery will not leave you stranded at the first change, as it reaches until 15 hours of conversation.

swissvoice Xtra 2155

In this guide we also include a cordless landline phone especially focused on the elderly. It is clearly seen in its design, with a large screen where letters and numbers also stand out so that they are visible to people with vision problems. This swissvoice Xtra 2155 also has big keys so they can be easily pressed without hitting other keys.

In this phone also highlights the 4 direct memories with photo to call your most frequent contacts just by tapping on the photo. When you call any of those 4 numbers, the phone will speak the contact's name out loud. The swissvoice device is also interesting for its extra loud ringing, its audio amplification key and its integrated answering machine of 30 minutes of recording with slow playback of messages.

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