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The best apps to hire “handymen”: find bricklayers, electricians or painters

Finding professionals in any sector can sometimes be a somewhat complex task. We do not always have references of how they work, what their previous experience is or how they can carry out the task that we entrust. In this sense, there are already mobile applications that allow you to find all kinds of professionals, from a bricklayer to a painter through a plumber or an electrician. There is no doubt that the implantation of mobile devices has allowed the appearance of this type of apps. For this reason, we review those applications that you can use to find professionals or handymen who can solve your needs in your business or home. Your latest generation phone can offer you much more than you think.

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The essential apps to find a handyman


Perhaps it is one of the most interesting proposals when it comes to finding professionals from many different sectors. It is an application that stands out for the cleanliness of its interface, and that provides a lot of information about those professionals who are registered on the platform. You can see previous comments from other clients in order to make your choice more accurately. All reviews are verified, so the chances of going directly to what you need are multiplied. Best of all, the application is completely free, and it is a great meeting point for both employers and those who offer their services.

Guudjob app

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Workuu – The smart search engine

This proposal aims to put in contact professionals who are close to your location. There are 50 different sectors to choose from, from services such as plumbing or renovations to aesthetic treatments. The application allows both the professional and the applicant to chat in advance to specify the characteristics of the service, as well as agree on the price. A good way to be able to choose and quickly solve your needs.

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Plummber: Reforms and repairs

This app is totally oriented towards reforms and repairs at home or in business. It has more than 100 professionals in all provinces and as a client, you can receive up to three different budgets without any commitment. Using the application is completely free, and if you are a professional, you can register on the platform to be able to offer all your professional services. It is worth taking a look at it, since your needs in terms of repairs or reforms can be covered from Plummber. In addition to an application, it has a website where you can register your professional services and learn first-hand about everything that is offered.

Plumbing Services

App Plumber

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Moving Organizer Lite – Moving Organizer

If you are considering changing the location of this business and you need someone to help you with the move, this application is made for you. basically It helps you organize all the boxes so you don’t lose them and they are fully identified throughout the process. The app is free with ads, although you can download a more complete paid version.

Moving organizer view

App Moving organizer

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Habitissimo for professionals

This app has already appeared on , and deserves to be reviewed again. In this case, the application It is aimed at professionals who want to register to be able to offer their services. In this way, all the services offered for home renovation or business have this meeting point. Finding work thanks to this route is a way of expanding our radius of action and making ourselves known.

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Having good applications that help you in your day to day will allow your business not to stop, and if it has to, with as little impact as possible. The tendency to offer professional services through a mobile application is a growing trend. Both clients and those who offer these services see that this possibility allows them to expand the field of action.

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These 5 applications make it possible for you to find that professional that you need so much, leave a review and thus be able to recommend him.

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