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The best applications to write texts on Android phones and tablets

Unleash your creativity with the best writing apps that you can use on your mobile: texts, notes, recipes and anything else you can imagine.

There are many people who usually always carry a notebook to write down those interesting ideas or stories that come to mind. If you are one of them, you should know that you can afford to leave the notebook at home thanks to the best apps to write texts on Android phones or tablets.

Although the phone and tablet may not seem the most comfortable devices to write, these word processors they offer you very interesting tools that make writing easier. Put your notebook aside, it's time to discover the best applications to write texts on Android.

We select the best applications to write texts on Android.

Writer Plus (Writer On The Go)

It is essential to install a good word processor if you like writing. One of the best you can find is Writer Plus, a simple editor that aims to get you away from the distractions of traditional processors to focus all your attention on the quality of your words.

With Writer Plus you can create, edit and save texts, sort them into folders, use the word and character counter, Take advantage of the Markdown format to edit text or activate night mode when writing in low-light environments.

As you can see, it is a very complete writing tool that works for both your mobile and your Android tablet.

Price: Free. In-app purchases: from 1.19 to 16.99 euros.

Text Editor

TextEditor App, write texts on Android

Another simple editor in which you can write your texts is Text Editor, which will hardly require a few megabytes of space on your mobile or tablet. With this app you can create all the files you want, edit the texts choosing between the different style options available and save them to retain or edit them again in the future.

Text Editor relies on simplicity to offer you a powerful editor that fulfills its text writing function. Among those style options we talked about are the change of the color, size and font of the letter and the possibility of justifying the text or make it bold, italic, underline, or strikethrough. Like the previous app, Text Editor is optimized for use on both mobile phones and tablets.

Price: Free.

Google docs

It couldn't be otherwise, one of the most popular tools for editing texts belongs to Google. We are talking about Google Documents, the word processor with which you can create documents and edit them online from the device of your choice and, most importantly, where all your progress is automatically saved.

In addition to the immense text editing options that Google Documents allows you, of this tool we also highlight the possibility of share documents with other users and work on them at the same time. Without a doubt, if you need to write texts on your Android mobile or tablet, you should take a look at Google Documents, without losing sight of the security of your documents.

Price: Free.


Monospace App, write texts on Android

Another of the best applications you can find on Android to write texts is Monospace, which rely on a minimalist style to steer you away from distractions. Plus, it gives you just the tools you need to write so you can focus on what's really important: writing.

As a detail to highlight, in Monospace the organization by folders is different. At the end of each document you must add the tags with which you want to recognize it and the app automatically takes care of the organization. Of course, you can use Monospace on both your mobile and your tablet.

Price: Free. In-app purchases: 4.63 euros each item.


Microsoft Word has been downloaded a billion times on Android

We have all used Microsoft Word, the word processor par excellence, on occasion. Android couldn't be less and it also has an official Word app where you can create, edit, save and share texts as documents. For you to trust the usefulness of the Microsoft Word application, you should know that in July 2019 it exceeded one billion downloads in the Play Store.

Word for Android is a word processor that offers you the same possibilities as its version for Windows: customization of typography, inclusion of images and other graphic elements or the use of templates, among many other options. For both your mobile and your Android tablet, Word is undoubtedly one of the best apps you can use to write texts.

Price: Free. In-app purchases: from 0.80 to 10 euros.

Moon Writer

Simple, fast and easy to use. Moon Writer is a fantastic app to write texts that you can download for free on your Android mobile.

Its minimalist design is perfectly complemented by all the functions it includes, including the possibility of write using markdown format, organize your texts in folders or the possibility of go back to your document and start from where you left off.

It doesn't matter if you are looking for an app to write sentences, poems, drafts or complete texts: Moon Writer is a very good option if you don't want to get too complicated.

Price: Free. In-app purchases: from 0.59 to 164.99 euros


JotterPad App, write texts on Android

Like other options above, JotterPad rely on having a minimalist app to reduce writer's distractions. With a simple and clean interface, in JotterPad you can focus all your attention on writing to create books, songs, poems, scripts or simply write down your thoughts without any element of the app bothering you.

This does not mean that this word processor does not have many editing and writing functions. You can use the phrase search, extended keyboard, typewriter scrolling, word count, the built-in dictionary or, for convenience, enable the dark theme. In addition, you can save your texts in the cloud to access them from different devices. In short, JotterPad is one of the best apps to write texts on your Android.

Price: Free. In-app purchases: from 2.39 to 33.99 euros.

Bundled Notes

Another fantastic app to write free texts that you can use on your mobile is Bundled Notes. It was one of our great app discoveries last year, and it is without a doubt one of the best text editors you can use.

Although you can use it to write notes, this application has great potential as an app for texts. It has support for markdown, and it is possible to organize all our writings in “packages” or – hence its name – so that it is easier to know where to find our texts.

Best of all, this application has a web version from which you can see and write texts through your computer, tablet or from any other device. It is an app that you can download for free, although some of its functions require a paid subscription.

Price: Free. In-app purchases: from 1.89 to 15.99 euros.


Ruff for Android

Ruff for Android, one of the best writing apps.

We cannot forget one of the best writing apps that exist. And not only on Android, since ruff It has a version for Windows 10 that you can install for free on your PC.

This free text app was one of those awarded by Google in its selection of apps with the best design on Google Play, not only for its minimalist appearance, but because all its functions are perfectly designed to help you Write texts in the simplest and most effective way.

Price: Free. In-app purchases: from 1.69 to 2.19 euros


Notion for Android

Notion for Android, one of the best writing apps.

Talk about Notion as a simple app to write texts is an understatement. It is a whole Swiss army knife full of tools, with which you can roughly organize your whole life In a simple way. And best of all, Notion is now free to use.

Inside it integrates a to-do list app, the ability to manage databases, create reminders, add links and previews of web pages … And of course, it also allows you to write texts anytime, anywhere, since it is a multiplatform app. For all this –and much more–, it has become one of our essential apps for teleworking.

Price Free.


App Writer, write texts on Android

Writer is the last application that we recommend for writing texts on Android phones and tablets. Again, this app follows in the wake of the simplicity in the interface so that the writer focuses all his attention on the keyboard and on the words who writes. For editing purposes, you can change the font to italicize, bold, or underline.

In addition, you can also quote phrases and choose between light and dark theme to change the interface colors. Writer's editing options are not very extensive, since the app is more committed to a simple and fast writing. To finish, also you can export the texts in .txt and .html format.

Price: Free. In-app purchases: from 1.79 to 4.69 euros.