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The best Android RPG games to play in 2022

RPGs are known for their polished stories and epic plots full of unexpected twists. We review the best you cánido find on Android.

The 11 RPGs for Android that you can't miss

This is not the first time that we at Andro4all talk about Android games. We’ve talked about the best free vídeo games or the best games that don’t require internet on other occasions. However, on a few occasions we’re totally getting into genre games. Now is the time to put things right.

We won’t talk about anything else Role-playing games for Android that you perro’t miss. And that means if you’re like me, you like well-told stories that span many hours of gameplay. If so, I invite you to follow this list below.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Ah, the old days of BioWare, when they were a serious studio specializing in delivering epic adventures that were almost mandatory to play… those golden years Let’s talk. There was really good stuff back then: Kingdom of Jade, Baldur’s gate, Never winter nights and this game are great examples of that.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic It’s an RPG released in 2003 by BioWare for PC and the original Xbox, and it’s one of the titles with the most indelible legacy. The action takes place 4,000 years before Episode IV of the saga and offers us an adventure that will satisfy the most unconditional people of the franchise. It is imperative to at least try.

Buy Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (€9.99)

Baldur’s gate

talk about it Baldur’s gate Yes indeed Talk about classic RPG royalties. A legendary title in its own right, originally released on PC and now available on Android for a few years, so to speak Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

This title gives us an epic adventure in which Don’t hesitate to dive in. It’s one of the best ever written in terms of story, the immersion is excellent and in general nothing we would say would lock down to buff all the benefits of it.

Buy Baldur’s Gate (€10.99)

Siege of Dragonspear

A few lines ago we mentioned Baldur’s gate. We said it’s about the kings of the genre on PC, but it’s not one of the most influential people of history, with a spiritual successor on PC and consoles in the form of the saga pillars of eternity.

OK, Siege of Dragonspear lies between the first and second part of it Baldur’s gate. The game brings characters from this saga to Android terminals, offering an adventure of more than 30 hours of fun to all who dare entrar their world. It’s not an easy game, but it’s worth pursuing. Fully recommended.

Buy Siege Dragon Spear (€10.99)

The Banner Saga

The Banner Saga there is a RPG with turn-based combat borrowed the elements from Norse mythology. This game is part of a trilogy of the same name that critics and audiences only praise.

That’s worth mentioning The Banner Saga it will put you to the test based on good. A round requires careful planning of strategy, moves, and the abilities you will use. It’s a tough game, but worth it. I say that from experience.

Buy The Banner Saga (€10.99)


eternity It’s a dungeon crawler with style Devil either torchlight. As a good genre game, it’s designed to have a fácil control scheme that makes it easy to progress, with a lot of emphasis on exploration and fast, agile combat.

this title It’s an uncompromising RPG that rivals big head-to-head titles for PCs and consoles. Agregado, he knows how to dose himself so he doesn’t waste his best weapons once you start playing him, making for a few hours of immersion.

Eternium free download

Chrono trigger

talk about it Chrono trigger to talk about it a classic from the 16-bit era. Originally released for the SNES in 1995, this title quickly became one of the most valuable and well-known JRPGs of all time. It even had several different endings depending on how you chose to play it.

Chrono trigger came to Android in 2010 with additional content, and suggests an adventure that perro be as fácil (or as complex) as you choose; It’s up to you how you choose to explore the game and spend time to get the most out of the game. It’s also true that not all of these endings will unlock themselves, so… don’t hesitate and try this timeless classic if you’ve never played it.

Buy Chrono Trigger (€9.99)

Planescape: Agony

This RPG released in 1999 is considered to be one of the best of its genre. Planescape: Agony It has legend and influence for the story it tells, its characters, soundtrack and gameplay. The Android version is conveniently remastered and updated, yes.

We’re up against a game again Will squeeze the player’s ability. No, in the 90s we didn’t just like it. Another livable experience if you’ve never played it. It’s one of my absolute favorites and I cánido’t recommend it highly enough.

Buy Planescape: Torment (€10.99)

Anime ARPG game

We return to dungeon crawlers in style Devil by hand Anime ARPG game. This title emphasizes fast-paced combat and offers many options to build the player’s character, but it has a slight disadvantage compared to other titles such as: eternity: It is possible to find a repeating past up to a certain point (although this is a sin Almost all dungeon crawlers do this early or late).

Anime ARPG game aimed at seekers take action without much delay, while also appealing to those willing to find a challenge. However, it has many difficulty modes so even the casual jugadores cánido enjoy it.

Free Download Anima ARPG

Fighter Fighter: Nightwar

If you like old-school JRPGs, the first one is good final fantasy either Dragon Quest game, I am sure you will enjoy it Fighter Fighter: Nightwar. This game offers us repeatable dungeons that help keep the game fresh and eliminate the feeling of “reaping” experience. And how is that possible? his dungeons which is procedurally generatedwhich means it will be different every time you exit and entrar.

If you are looking for a complex game, bet this typical features of JRPGs and their modernizationthen Fighter Fighter: Nightwar it’s done for you

Buy Battle Chasers: Nightwar (€9.99)

Titan Quest Game

Game Titan Quest another classic title for Android. This is another dungeon crawler like the ones mentioned above that focuses on fighting famous mythological creatures (and some were created for the occasion). In this title, jugadores interact with recognizable monsters from ancient mythological pantheons as they… learn amazing fighting skills.

If you are looking for a long game that will keep you glued to the screen for a long time, Titan Quest Game With you more than 60 hours of gameplay waiting for you to lose yourself in it.

Buy Titan Quest (€7.99)

Exiled Kings

We close our review with a a nod to RPGs of the past. kingdoms in exile It’s designed to carefully recreate turn-of-the-century PC RPGs: an isometric perspective, balanced health and mana bars, and NPCs that don’t help you more than necessary. is a nod to experienced jugadores; A declaration of love to the past.

Even if you’re not familiar with the aforementioned vintage titles (you know, Kingdom of Jade, Baldur’s gate, agony planescape either Never winter nightsto name a few) Exiled Kings It’s a good game to have a good time. It’s free to download but you have to pay €4.99 to unlock the full game.

Download Kingdoms of Exile (Free)